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Ana Valens (his pen-name, legal name is Anastasia Catherine Wythe, deadname is Philip Stephen Wythe) is a professional transtrender SJW from Brooklyn, New York and a Rutgers graduate with an English major and Political Science minor, who has been mentioned dozens of times down here at the Farms already. He is (in)famous due to anything from Gamergate (post), to the once-famous Zoe Post Analysis video series on YouTube (post) or his prolific, exploitative, clickbait yellow journalism (sometimes even mentioning a certain "internet stalking forum Kiwi Farms")!

Some notable examples of his body of work include Masturbation is tough for trans women, I know first-hand (about how hard it is to nut when you're hormonally impotent, with lots of TMI), Don’t Judge A Girl For What’s Between Her Legs (literally starts with "President Trump's election..." :story:) and If there were no cis people in the world for 24 hours, here’s what I would do (which besides the lowkey clickbait reads like a personal blog post, including a selfie-like portrait to open the article). These are just a couple easy pickings to get us started, we'll dive deeper further on.


Harcore intersectional feminist Philip's mindset pre-transition, from Neither man nor woman: life as a non-binary student (paraphrased, as most other quotes here):

From a young age, I was attracted to femininity in ways that others never understood. I admired dolls and other feminine gendered toys. I would pretend I was a beautiful woman as if I was a businesswoman shuffling in the busy streets of New York. I was forced to repress it, erase it inside of me. I was told by the society around me that it was not okay to enjoy feminine gender expressions.

Since I was 13, I began to fantasize about changing the entire shape and anatomy of my growing body, as if I could alter myself into a female form with one deft movement. It wasn’t until college – and the Internet – that I began to realize that I was not the male I thought I was..

I’ve felt fear. I’ve felt stress. I’ve felt anger, confusion, isolation. I’ve felt depression. I’ve felt attacked, as if I had an obligation to prove myself to cisgender students. And I’ve felt like an outlier, forced to hide themselves away from students, professors, and staff members. In the end, I’ve found severing ties is often the better solution over attempting to repair unsalvageable relationships.

I am myself, a non-binary, transgender, assigned male at birth student. And that is something no one can take away from me – no matter how hard they try.

Phil transitioned to Ana in 2016, at 21 years, through hormone replacement therapy. He has a girldick: "I have a penis, which I call my clit, and I have no plans to ever get rid of it" (which he cannot get hard because of the hormones). His "biggest fear by far is being sexually assaulted by a cisgender man who doesn’t realize I have a penis, [as it would] out me as transgender". He deals "with a lot of depression, social anxiety, and dysphoria. Some days it’s hard to even leave the house. Even the good days can feel lonely and isolating like living on a distant planet." He claims: "I haven’t been misgendered in public since my first few months on HRT." (Source)

Ana is very protective of his deadname and has deliberately erased (almost) all of his online history pre-transition. From the description of one of his post-transition videos (nuked): "here's why I took down the videos: I created them pre-transition and the first video has my deadname." He hasn't done a stellar job of it though and researching will allow you to piece at least that his deadname is Phil Wythe, even from his own post-transition personal profiles. The only publications that still use this name seem to be the The Daily Targum and New Brunswick Today.

Pre-transition Phil Wythe was first published at New Brunswick Today and debuted in gaming through Gamemoir and doing YouTube let's plays (now unavailable). Post-transition Anastasia boasts an impressively cringe-worthy portfolio of online publications such as Bitch Media, FemHype, The Establishment (Medium) and The Mary Sue - his highest profile work in 2019 being the "very far left" The Daily Dot, where he is "a LGBTQ reporter and essayist". In his freelancing career, Ana also has written and writes about video games for The Daily Targum, Den of Geek, Five out of Ten, GameDaily, Gamepur, Kill Screen, Waypoint and more. When not transtrending, his focus seems to be gaming culture (including Gamergate) and gaming news, rarely game design.

Anastasia's writing style has been called "sensationalist", "melodramatic", "one note", "subjective", "bullshit", "stink piece", "nadir" and "why is this news" by fellow farmers.


Ana's inflamattory and truthbending journalism has often resulted in the people on the receiving end to come out and refute the claims made against them.

Ana also wrote a 36-page book called Bell and claims to be working on its sequel and for "the upcoming trans literature collection Resilience". From Amazon:
Bell is a fiction book exploring themes of sexual and emotional abuse, Bell is the first in a series of short stories from writer Ana Valens about the lives and struggles of transgender women living in North America.

This work of literature deals with emotional abuse and sexual assault, and it also explores sexual experiences in the trans community in explicit detail. It is therefore recommended for 18+ audiences only.

Despite being priced at two dollars, there are no reviews of the book to be found on Amazon or elsewhere online. 🤷‍♀️

In June 2019, Valens has released a hentai porn video game called Blood Pact (post, archive). Kiwi Farms' very own @Jaimas has accepted the burden of playing it so the rest of us could keep (what's left of) our sanities.

In August 2019, after a short-term outage because of a DDoS attack no one will remember even a week from now, Ana officially claimed victory in the war against Kiwi Farms and wrote an article about it. The fact that he very professionally forgot to disclose that he has a personal vendetta against us in the article had our top faggot exchanging words with him.

Personal life
This short clip is the best I could find of Ana - it shows his personality, voice, etc plus a strong tendency towards actively controlling discourse (even retroactively), and whatever else it takes to manipulate his own online image - tendencies which are eerily similar to what he routinely does unto others through his "journalism".

[Ana nuked his YouTube and Twitter accounts about a day after this thread was created - so most of the videos that were mentioned in this section are gone. Thankfully @CIA Nigger has managed to salvage this first clip.]

For those curious, this is a SJW-ish YouTube video with his voice pre-transition.

As far as sexuality goes, I think he puts it best (source):

From what you've seen so far, have you grown an undeniable desire to fuck Ana? If not, you're obviously transphobic (post):


Despite being the world's leading trans-sex blogger, it is unclear to what extent Ana is able to actually enjoy sex. As often as not, sex is described in his articles as a struggle or challenge (post).

Since around the end of 2017, Ana has a "girlfiend", Zoë. She is pansexual and Ana interviews her about it here. Zoe likes jumpstyle ["jumpstyle interview" video nuked]. I can't be 100% sure since I couldn't find any definitive connections but I believe this must be Zoë herself dancing.


Ana claims to be "coven leader" for the Coven of the Witches' Moon, which appears to be a transwomen-focused loosely-wicca group dedicated to smoking weed, meeting on Saturday nights. Everything seems to indicate this is an online-only group.

Besides cannabis, Anastasia is also comfortable supporting the widespread use of ecstasy (post).

Social media and online profiles
Links to author pages for different publications can be found elsewhere in the OP.
Curious Cat (SpaceDoctorPhD post, archive)
Curious Cat (acvalens, post, archive)
Medium ( )
Instagram (spacedoctorphd) (archive: post)
Instagram (doc.avee) (archive)
Ko-fi ( )
LinkedIn (archived as image because snapshot doesn't work)
Mastodon (post)
Steam ( )
Tumblr (archive, dead, replaced with spam)
Twitter (nuked) ( )
Twitter (@acvalens)
Twitter (@ac_valens and @privatevalens) post
Witches' pub
YouTube (nuked) (
YouTube (older) (
Dot Esports,, and REDEF (post)

Suggested reading
Some of the previous threads directly related to Ana on KF (or: why based @CatParty is Anastasia's biggest fan) :lol:
My initial idea was to do a write up on Ana's articles themselves but I'm afraid this got long enough as-is, so instead I'll just list a small sample of random articles that are relevant for one reason or another or just caught my eye. I won't bother linking stuff that has already been linked to in the thread elsewhere though.
It is not that uncommon for Ana to post two or three articles on a single day to The Daily Dot so I cannot stress how much this is only barely scratching the surface - I estimate he's written 900 articles on TDD since the start of 2017!

Not only this is my first cow thread but I've also only very recently come to know of Ana from the recent shooting story. He's sort of a household topic at this point and it's almost certain I've forgotten to mention something juicy or made mistakes along the way. Lots of farmers probably know more about Ana than I do at this point in time and any suggestions to the OP are welcome. In particular, I never got into Gamergate so if someone else wants to cover this side of things, it'd be great!

Finally, I have a shit track record of maintaining projects for the long-term. I'll try my best but hopefully Anacow is interesting enough for this to take a life of its own.

There you go, now all of you lazy ass incels can stop mindlessly nagging about "thread when" everytime an Ana Valens article is mentioned anywhere on the forums (:_(

We have touchdown!
That was pretty fucking fast :lit: (post). If you want to avoid becoming a lolcow too, please follow Ana's post-facto safety guidelines (post).


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Finally a thread on this tard.
That article "she" wrote about masturbating as a transgender female made me want to bleach my computer.

Oh fuck that was him? All these tranny motherfuckers blur together into one giant faggoty mass for me. I swear I'd have an easier time picking the asian that crane kicked me in the nuts out of a lineup than I would trying to remember which tranny did what.

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Oh fuck that was him? All these tranny motherfuckers blur together into one giant faggoty mass for me. I swear I'd have an easier time picking the asian that crane kicked me in the nuts out of a lineup than I would trying to remember which tranny did what.
Yes, it was him. I can't fucking find it, though. I'll add it to my original post when I can.


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Long overdue. It's funny because you can look at most outrageous thread titles in A&H as of late and be pretty sure this troon is the author; especially if it involves Gamergate. I look forward to reading his inevitable cry piece about how awful this place is for laughing at him and cataloguing his dreck.

Allow me be the first to put forth the theory that Phil and Garth truly were separated at birth:

Also the name "Phil" really is turning out to be a cursed name in the realm of lolcows.
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Nice potential cow here, and I hope he makes it.

Seriously, what is it with MTF trans people? Even when they initially come off honest, most often you find out that they've stabbed people in the back and are waging undercover jihad against you in a way only ISIS would appreciate. They won't just shitpost back at you, no, they'll inculcate themselves in places designed for free speech while developing a whole community dedicated at not just you but anyone they think resembles you.

It's said that there's a contingent of MTFs who don't operate this way, and it's been suggested they're on this site where anyone including them can speak freely.

Where are they?


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This is gonna double-post but the substance will be out there in a way spoilers can't convey. This person went to a good school and has a high-profile mainstream media job, but literally no one other than transwomen would/could get away with this. Same as with Amanda who douched the Jonathan Yaniv mentions within 24 hours of super-admin power at Wikipedia. You can't typically be insane and get that, nor can you get a job at the dailydot and build followings suggesting to your employer that the below is OK.

I'm asking honestly where the normal MTFs are in this equation given that this is what the public face is:

Trans/Sex: Masturbation is tough for trans women. I know first-hand
Ana Valens
2019-02-25 06:00 am

Trans/Sex: Masturbation is tough for trans women. I know first-hand
There's more to self-pleasure than magic wands and 'muffing.'

"The other night, it took me a full hour to orgasm: first by stroking myself up-and-down with lube, then switching to my Hitachi Magic Wand. I wanted to cum as much as I possibly could to see if I could earn multiple orgasms in one session. It didn’t work out. Sore, spent, and ridiculously turned on, I put away my Hitachi, took a 2am bathroom break, and went to sleep."

I would let that stand by itself, but wait there's MOAR

"This a common problem for me. Despite the fact that I love talking on and on about sex and fetishism and girldick, the actual physical act of touching myself became a challenge after I started taking estrogen. ...As estradiol continues to feminize our genitalia, the skin on our clit becomes softer, thinner, and more fragile. We stop having random erections in public, and the penis may atrophy. This means the actual act of getting fully hard becomes much more difficult, if not outright impossible, without access to erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra."

Not having public erections, wanting Viagra...just girl things.

"All this isn’t necessarily a problem, as there are plenty of ways trans women can touch themselves (and orgasm!) without an erection. But for most trans women that went through puberty on testosterone, our assumption is that a penis must be as hard as possible to cum. ..."

Even women without penises know a semi-erect penis can cum. As I would imagine people who have them.

"All this is to say that masturbation isn’t as simple as sitting down and stroking up and down until something comes out. [Oh rly?] One trans woman I spoke to, Cassidy Frank (who uses they/them pronouns), compared masturbating on HRT to driving a car on manual, complete with shifting gears “at the right speeds/moments” to maintain momentum and “not get numb to the sensation.”

Yeah, and women are stopping this person before he gets to the stick shift part, they're looking at him like WTF, keep your fapping to yourself. But being that this is a brave and stunning person that did paperwork at DMV, he goes on...

"When I use the Hitachi Magic Wand Wireless, I’ll either strip down naked (with or without panties), throw a sheet over me, and press the wand right on or near my frenulum (the intersection between the shaft and the head). I’ll shift my placement and pressure depending on how my body responds, and I’ll try to zone out and just follow wherever my mind wants to take me. It’s given me some incredibly hot full-body orgasms over the years, the kind where I can barely control myself and start squirming and whimpering when I’m done. (I’ll also use the Le Wand to similar effect.)"

You. need. a. Fleshlight.

Several paragraphs follow, but you get the idea.

Stroking until "something comes out," craving Viagra for yourself, comparing dick to a stick shift are rather male experiences. But even males don't want to bond to this TMI extent. What makes this different for women? Most don't want to hear this either! Who outside of Fetlife wants to hear this?


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What is it with this rise of semi decent looking men trooning out?
A few things --
1. Failed relationships or no relationships with females.
-Transtrenders (which the overwhelming majority of them are) do it because they can't get a girlfriend or get dumped by a girlfriend and take it so hard that they decide "Fuck it I'll become the girlfriend and be so feminine that I'll be desirable again." This, of course, never works unless they find a complete basket case or BPD-tier woman. See Cosmo Wright for an example of this.

2. Gays in denial.
-They're homosexuals but don't want to admit it, so they put on a dress and call themselves a woman to get the dick.

3. They're autogynephiles.
-Somewhat related to 1, they're obsessed by the idea of being a woman and getting asspats just for being a woman because they're unremarkable or total losers otherwise.
Zachary Antolak is a great example of this.

4. Plain old attention whoring/peer pressure.
-They wanna be a special snowflake, so in addition to creating made up bullshit genders and identities like Tumblr was known for they troon out since that's what it takes to get on top of the woke hierarchy their cancerous little clique has built. Or they feel pressured into it by their peer group of social justice/far lefties who will tear them apart if they step out of line in any way. They think trooning out is their best defense and the right thing to do because of the pressure -- only to slip up one time and get torn apart anyway.

5. They've got legitimate dysphoria.
-Instead of getting the help they need they get snared by some social justice cultist or some contemptible snakes in the trans community who urge them to take all sorts of dangerous hormones and get irreversible sex change surgeries.

ZB 584


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