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John probably went into BBSs right about the time all of the cool people were going onto the Internet. He probably whined his way into access to some lame warez section on one of the boards. He promoted this into "hacking" the boards later on.

And that's me being generous, and assuming any factual foundation at all for this shit.
Other possible 'legitimate' explanations for John's BBS hacking (occurring well after he claims it did):
  1. John was calling up pay BBS's at great expense to his parents credit cards. Because they didn't know that he was running up charges on their cards without their permission, he saw this as 'hacking'
  2. John was calling up regular BBS's and catfishing the sysops to let him hang around downloading stuff by pretending to be a woman rather than a little boy in the operator chat. Because this involved pretending to have hacked off his penis, he saw this as 'hacking'