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Someone asked that I restart the Andi Dier thread that was closed because it was a bit scattered, so here it is everybody. The man, the myth, the scat-loving sexual predator.

Andrew "Andi" Dier.


Here's the Dox by @zedkissed60

Fake name: Andi Dier
Real name: Andrew Dier
104 Joni Dr
West Sayville NY 11796-1015
(631) 256-7886
DOB September 16, 1992 (age 25) (

Rose McGowan Confrontation

Essentially Dier is accusing McGowan of not including transwomen in her feminism enough, as well as bashing her for a comment she made on RuPaul's Drag Race, saying that transwomen and women are different. Things escalate on both sides and Dier is escorted (while screaming) out by security.

Obligatory Mental Breakdown after Rose McGowan Confrontation

Every real-life conflict is incomplete without an entire twitter rant about it. Here Dier accuses TERFS (trans exclusionary radical feminists) of forcing him into prostitution, which is likely just a conspiracy.



"I have been raped so I could not possibly have raped someone else"






"I'm too submissive to be a rapist anyways, and I acted like a decent human being and helped a girl once, so I'm clearly not a pedophile."

Pedophilia and other Paraphilias

Andi Dier openly admitted that he was a pedophile on his about a year ago. He mentions having "accidentally" dated a 13-year old when he was an adult.

Here are a variety of the testimonies from young girls





This girl reports that Dier is threatening to take legal actions against her.


Dier displayed many of his other paraphilias on his tumblr (archive), most notably sissification, scat, beastiality (dogs having sex with humans), humiliation, pedophilia (tagged as "underage/jailbait/preteen/teen"), and black/Asian woman dominating white men (racial fetishism).
I can provide screenshots upon request but please, (:_( have mercy.

Rat King Response

I'll edit this in a while.


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Charles Morgenstern

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There is a touch of poetic irony in an unstable deviant verbally abusing a woman in an attempt to intimidate her into conforming to his whim. The absurd hilarity of an abusive man demanding inclusion in a movement where women seek to free themselves from the whims of abusive men, to where #metoo becomes #metoo... or else. Rose McGowan may have become an embittered and bombastic punchline in her own right, but I have to admire with disbelief the deep undertone of mongoloid tranny logic which sets itself against her.


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Excellent OP. I have a couple of stray points:

1) There is a misspell in the thread title, see "Andew".

2) Does Andi already have Rat King connections? Or are the tails intertwining as I write this?

3) I saw that Andi was immediately shilling for their Patreon/GoFundMe in the immediate aftermath, was Andi's heckling pre-meditated to generate a viral moment and drive more funds for the brave transwomyn? Or is this a spontaneous reaction?
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Slingblade defends him, and several Rats retweeted the video. The connection is still a bit tenuous but let's hope it'll solidify. If it doesn't we can always throw him to the General board.
I think "emergent" is a better word when describing this cow's current relationship with the Rat King. They probably retweeted the video because it's a hot button issue for them now, but will that lead to a longer-lasting friendship and alliance? That remains to be seen IMO.

What kind of dumbass titles their death threat letter as "Death threat" and uses what looks like a real name? I smell a fake harassment campaign.

Sperglord Dante

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There is a touch of poetic irony in an unstable deviant verbally abusing a woman in an attempt to intimidate her into conforming to his whim. The absurd hilarity of an abusive man demanding inclusion in a movement where women seek to free themselves from the whims of abusive men, to where #metoo becomes #metoo... or else.
It's like a 21st century retelling of the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.


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Oh god, lolcow paedos have invaded The Island. Fuck that noise.

I did a quick look at her friend list and while I don't have many mutuals with this f(riend)aggot, I did recognize a few choice names, including lolcows like Zinnia, the Trans Life Line shysters, and Jacob Tobia; actual political figures, some of whom I highly respect; and even a few people (mostly fellow trans people) that I know and are acquainted with from leftbook groups. One of those leftbook figures is actually also known to be abusive (and a "non-binary"). Sad to see fucks like Andy invade respectable movements and not only push their SJW bullshit but also prey on kids.

In some of the "post-leftbook" groups I'm in, I am seeing all sorts of personal stories from other people about how big of a creep Andy is. Apparently he's told other trans people to kill themselves over minor squabbles, too, and these allegations go back pretty far.

Imagine if I stayed the course and receded further into SJWism. I could have been standing with this reeeetard at this very moment, quite literally. So glad I got off that train.
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