Orbiter Andrew Anglin - Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Stormer, midget nazi with a furry troll army, a lawsuit, and a pedo streak

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Causing much mayhem, dropping drama
Jul 27, 2017

After Dean Obeidallah wrote a Daily Beast article condemning President Trump’s approach to white supremacist terror in 2017, the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer website falsely accused Obeidallah of being behind an ISIS attack.

Now The Daily Stormer’s founder is being forced to pay him millions for the smear.

Obeidallah, a comedian and radio host, sued Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin for defamation, and on Wednesday a judge ordered Anglin to pay $4.1 million in damages.

“The judge apparently found what they did so atrocious he gave them the most he could in punitive damages,” Obeidallah told The Daily Beast.

He said he plans on giving the money to organizations that combat bigotry.

“This was never about collecting money. If I collect a penny from the Nazis, I’m not going to keep their money. I’m going to give it to organizations that fight hate and bigotry, the very groups Nazis despise.”

Anglin, who has been on the lam for more than a year, didn’t testify, although his father did. The ruling comes as the latest legal strike against Anglin, who is currently avoiding another lawsuit by a Jewish woman who received death threats after Anglin attacked her on his site.

In Obeidallah’s case, the harassment started after he wrote an article entitled, “Will Donald Trump Ever Say the Words ‘White Supremacist Terrorism’?”

“We already had three to four acts of violence, murders, by people who were self-proclaimed white supremacists. The thesis of my article was that, during his campaign Trump demanded we say ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ Why won’t he say the words ‘white supremacist terrorism?’ said Obeidallah, who is Muslim.

“That got the eye of Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer who wrote an article the next day quoting my article and smearing me in the first line as an ISIS mastermind.”

“They fabricated tweets that looked real, that said I was involved in the Manchester bombing.”
— Dean Obeidallah

The doctored tweets appeared on the Stormer, a once-popular website that received approximately 3.18 million page views while the article was active, according to Obeidallah’s lawsuit. (The Stormer lost significant standing after it was kicked off its old webhost.)

Stormer readers piled on, sending Obeidallah death threats. The attacks took a toll on him, he said. Whereas Obeidallah once had few reservations about meeting fans, he said he’s now more cautious about scheduling meet-ups with people who reach out online.
Juvaria Khan, a senior staff attorney with Muslim Advocates who helped Obeidallah in his case, said the court’s decision sent a strong message about the consequences of hate speech.

“We live in a climate where people feel emboldened to convey their bigoted views against marginalized communities including American Muslims,” Khan said. “This case is a very significant victory. We’re very proud of our client Dean for standing up and showing that violence and bigotry will not be tolerated.”

Obeidallah said he hopes the win can be a “roadmap” for people from other marginalized groups who seek legal action against white supremacists.

“The idea is about sending a message: If you attack these groups you despise, in my case Muslims, or Jews, or the LGBT community, or African-Americans, we are not going to cower,” he said.

“We’re going to hold you accountable by going to the federal courts and suing you. And we’re going to win that judgment against you.”

Cask of Amontillado

Lamar Davis
Jan 7, 2021


I've may have made some mistakes...
Jul 8, 2020
There's a good reason for this. Extremism appeals to losers, since it offers them the chance to seize power from the ZOG/patriarchy/whatever when they have none, and provides a scapegoat for their failure in life. Furries are generally towards the bottom of the social ladder, often working minimum wage jobs or even being unemployed, so Nazi and communist furries are common.
Eric hoffer mentions this.


Feb 4, 2020
It appears that The Daily Stormer is currently offline with no return ETA.

Statement about it on the Stormer's Tor site: http://stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecu...-hearing-this-message-you-are-the-resistance/


The fact that their server is still running on Tor despite having no clearweb access indicates that their domain registrar or their DNS may have dropped them. They're not saying.

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Dec 3, 2018
Sorry to bump this again, but I was curious to see if this guy ever lived in New York. Specifically around the early 2010's. Anybody know or has he just always operated out of Ohio when he's not traveling around


Feb 4, 2020
Does the daily stormer exist anymore ? .su and .name don’t work
Allegedly it's ".cn" now, but I didn't even check because Tor always works: stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd.onion

Concho Pete

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Mar 11, 2021
I've always had a gigantic bone to pick with Anglin and his Allen Ginsberg sidekick. Which is why I'm disappointed to see you include a literal lying faggot like Scott in your OP. Gersh did extort Spencer. She conspired with the local synagogue and threatened to protest in front of his Mother's place of business every day, and deny her income unless she listed her property for sale.

The actual story is Anglin, Weev, and their band of retarded faggots ruined any case they could have legally made by harassing her family, and threatening a goon march.

The OP needs the slavery advocacy article, The IronMarch platforming, the Atomwaffen platforming, Weev's fawning article about how the Atomwaffen murderers dindu nuffins, the (unlawful) swastika faxings, the pro Azov stuff, Weev's "Total Nigger Death" stuff too.

A decade of great optics from these fags. I might have some of this stuff archived on a drive somewhere. I'll upload them if/when I find them.
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May 14, 2022
Sorry to bump this again, but I was curious to see if this guy ever lived in New York. Specifically around the early 2010's. Anybody know or has he just always operated out of Ohio when he's not traveling around

No. From what I understand he was from Ohio. Never heard anything about New York. I do know he has been all over Southeast Asia. I think he was even in China for a while. He is one of those wignats with a bad case of yellow fever. He talks about saving the white race and he chases after Asian women. Well, I should say whores. He picks up underage Asian whores. He gets the money for this lifestyle by suckering it out of his paypig simps.

I also know when he was in high school, he used to have dreads and he considered himself a Libertarian. I also heard he had a black girlfriend once. He didn't start doing the Neo-Nazi routine till he was over in Asia. Stuff I have read about him online is that the people in his high school said he always acted weird.