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I logged in to call you stupid.
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...what better way to start your day than to look like you're not giving a shit, am I right?
Not to mention that if said person is in for sexy times in the shower....the Inkling would just kill it with her look of disappointment, almost as if she's saying: "Don't expect much. Pay $10 and hire a hooker or something, might work better for you."
I can't think of more a boner-killer than an Andrew Dobson illustration.


I'm wearing a full diapey right now
Essentially it's always a case of "Will they bother".
That and "Is it worth it in goodwill?" Case in point, Nintendo.

I can't think of more a boner-killer than an Andrew Dobson illustration.
OT but how the hell are you not banned from his Twitter yet? I posted one (1) snarky remark and he banned me before i could say hypocrite.
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Does Twitter have a block limit? If so how the hell has he not hit it yet?

I'd love to see Dobson play something like any of the Touhou games where they're intentionally hard. He'd probably somehow die in the first stage on easy (and even for Touhou, the first stage of any of the games on easy is stupidly easy if you're coordinated at all) and then call the game terrible.

Dobson, some games aren't meant to hold your hand and let you casually breeze through it. If you want to experience a story without any difficulties, have you considered watching a movie? I hear it's really hard to get a Game Over in a movie.

... I seriously hope that Dobson never picks up Touhou though. Dobson sperging over Touhou and drawing lesbian art of it would probably give me a reason to hang myself.

Someone tell Dobson that you aren't supposed to use Game Genie with your games.
Game Genie? You mean that relic from the stone age of gaming?
Also, calling a game bad because you're bad at it? Sounds like one "Egotistical Raptor" ...
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