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Andrew Dobson is a self-described cartoonist, and a social justice hanger-on with an extensive 10 + year history of being an unpleasent asshole online.

Andrew Dobson’s primary selling point is his artwork. Despite attending MCAD and receiving a BFA in animation, Dobson has yet to put it to use or find anyone willing to hire him. He places blame on the college for supposedly not teaching him portfolio building techniques, teaching him “incorrect” drawing methods, and has even blamed the entire animation industry for moving beyond his preferred animation methods. In contrast, fellow classmate Andrew Chesworth and roommate Ke Jiang have gone on to very successful art careers. Dobson’s family has tried their best to help him get jobs and make industry connections, and he has somehow managed to fuck up every single opportunity given to him.

As of now, Dobson claims that his primary source of income comes from his artwork, though he very rarely offers commissions and only makes an estimate of $30 off of his main Patreon account. Given the evidence that Dobson lives with his parents, it seems that he’s dependent on the bank of Mom and Dad.
bitchy bear.jpg

For a time, Dobson gained a decent amount of popularity and eventually infamy on his now-defunct DeviantArt page under the name of Tom Preston. His comic So You’re A Cartoonist (also known as SYAC) gained him a following of predominantly teenage fans and often gave him front-page status. While the comic started as commentary on his profession, it dissolved into his soapbox for whatever things annoyed him at the time. His combined inability to take criticism, laziness towards his craft, and aversion to anything resembling effort lead to him becoming one of the most disliked people on the websites and eventually drove away many of his former fans. In typical Dobson fashion, he blames the website itself for his bad reputation and lack of commercial success. He finally left the website in 2017 though he continues to complain about it to this day.

Though the Dobson of today rarely produces artwork and claims that even lifting a pencil is an effort comparable to the washing of the Augean Stables, he was once much more active as an artist. He has completed several graphic novels in the past, his most well-known being Alex Ze Pirate.
DumbMen azp.jpg

Most of his comics are similar in that they feature derivative Rumiko Takahashi-esque artwork and humor, and probably all have lesbians. They also last for only one or two volumes, before being put on extended hiatus or abandoned entirely. Dobson shows this trend in much of his work- a recent comic based on a RPG podcast, a strange DnD inspired Skymall catalog, and a brief foray into 3D printing have all come very abruptly to an end once he realized that he wasn’t getting the reaction he wanted.

Further tarnishing his already spotty reputation, Dobson was outed as the secret identity of the inflation fetish artist CattyN (supposedly a teenage lesbian), whose art featured other teenage lesbians blowing up like balloons and subsequently exploding. He’s still convinced that this is the reason people don’t like him.


inflation azd.jpg
Dobson’s most recent infamy has come from his hopping onto the social justice bandwagon, becoming and outspoken supporter of whatever he’s most recently been told to support. While he is willing to vehemently denounce GamerGate, ComicsGate, Burger King ads, or whatever is currently trending he has very little understanding what exactly it is he’s upset about. He has gone as far as to ask his followers how he should feel about particular events or media, lest he accidentally express the “wrong” opinion. Not that lack of knowledge on a subject has ever stopped him, Dobson is no stranger to three day tweeting sprees arguing a point that has already been demolished. Dobson has been noted to argue more extensively with women and be significantly more nasty in his interactions with them. Ironic, considering that he claims to be a proud feminist ally.

He tries his best to pass as a staunch LGBTQIA+ advocate though it’s painfully obvious he’s only focused on one of those letters.
Guess which one.
Lesbian Squids.jpeg

His tweeting career has come to an end as of early 2019, when he reached a total of three different account bans after his constant abusive behavior towards other users. (His call for the President’s death did not help matters.)
i cant imagine how i got banned.jpg

It is impossible to discuss Dobson without addressing his tendency to block anyone and everyone at the smallest notice. Before finally abandoning his DeviantArt account, Dobson claimed that he had reached the 500 user block limit. He also claimed that the “harrassment” against him on Twitter was so severe that he needed to block 2-3 users a day on top of the auto-block bots he utilized to weed out followers. Assuming that he is telling the truth, and combined with the other websites and forums he has used, Andrew Dobson’s cumulative block list could easily match the population of some small Eastern European countries.

Dobson works in a ten step cycle therefore christened as "The Dobson Cycle", a surefire way to shoot yourself in a foot. It's a black hole of negativity that Dobson has repeated for over a decade, while learning nothing. It works due to the fact that he always targets an ignorant audience. All of this is another bullet point of Dobson being an anti-role model for aspiring artists.

Credits: @elder god for naming and stating the steps of the Dobson cycle, with @A Big Bumbling Black Man creating the artwork of said cycle.

As stated above, Dobson’s internet history spans about a decade and is filled with countless examples of him being terrible at everything. For the sake of brevity, here are some of-
HS bus incident.jpg

Notable for leaving us vague hints of certain past incident, but also irrefutable proof that Dobson has always been a lolcow.

hat andy 1.png

hat andy 2.png

An anecdote about Dobson's college behavior from a classmate at MCAD.
Full thread archived here:

hanukkah journal.png

Evidence that Dobson 1. Had a Girlfriend at some point 2. Is afraid of the Dark 3. Probably hates Jews

poop radio incident.png

Chair tantrum.jpg

Dobson is terrible at actual work and behaves like a petulant child.

big ben gif.gif

Catching Dobson tracing is commonplace now, but the Big Ben incident was one of the earliest. Seeing disparities between the level of detail in the sketch and the finished drawing, all it took was one Google search to see that Dobson had wholesale traced Big Ben in his poster- a piece intended for sale. Dobson vehemently denied the accusation and later uploaded a video of him drawing the Big Ben freehand- leaving people to question why he hadn't just done that in the first place instead of tracing.

sweaty boi.png

The pinnacle of Dobson’s success was in 2012 in which he and several other well-known DeviantArt members attended the London MCM convention. Unfortunately his reputation preceded him and a mysterious stranger appeared to lightly spritz him with water from a spray bottle. At the time Dobson was simply annoyed and bothered that some of his merchandise had gotten damaged. As time went on the story changed and Dobson now claims to have been physically attacked at a convention, resulting in severe PTSD. His fear sprang from the seemingly foul-smelling water, which turned out to be his own sweat liquitading.

op commission ad.jpg

A glorious example of Dobson’s poor work ethic and laziness in which he spent 4 months and a week making what turned out to be partially traced artwork. See the full lowdown of the events here:

calm thine tits.png

Dobson’s reaction to a woman grieving her father’s passing. He did not apologize.

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