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One of my favorite bits of Doblore is how he describes the last time he went to a convention. He didn't go for a panel, he went as a guest to one at a college campus. He describes how after he arrived and walked around giving advice to young artists, "the word began spreading that he was there" and girls complained that he was creeping on them.
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He claimed he's never gone to conventions (or anywhere really, except maybe McDonald's, but even then he doesn't have to go out for that anymore because UberEats is a thing) since Sawnik the Mask-Hog "pwned" him with a spraybottle at a convention in London, which he brushed off at the time but now claims gave him PTSD:
Lol goes to show you how disconnected I got form him XD! I assumed he still goes to cons to promote... whatever stuff he has left. Guess next thing to wait for is what dobby has to say about the kiwi shooting though he seems to be a bit slow on that.
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Dobson on Christchurch:

"See, I just KNEW PewDiePie was Nazi propaganda, but OF COURSE nobody listens to intelligent people like me, who are always victims of sick neo-nazi white supremacist trolls like the shooter."

If he posts something that is very much in the same vein, I wouldn't be surprised. And the fact that such a thing wouldn't surprise me about Andrew Dobson makes it all that much more depressing.


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Never emailed. Was just YIM. We met over at a board called "The Process forum" but the PMs I had with him are gone as it was during the first incarnation of the place. The main problem he needed venting was losing his girlfriend at the time as she found out what he was into due to "assholes".

And no there was no RPs with the guy. I find Ero-RPers to be cringe inducing in general and fairly pathetic.

I'm sure more stuff will turn up with Dobby :). He has to go out in public and im sure he still goes to conventions. Just a matter of time.

Read that as "Found out what he was into was assholes"


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DOBSON: "Hmmm. A terrorist attack in New Zealand, eh? How can I make this all about me / blame Trump?"

Actually, I think he'll simply wait until the SJW elite have spoken, so he can parrot the pre-approved opinion. Remember, 9-11 wasn't a big deal to him, so this won't be either. Not until SJWs have a position on it, anyway.

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Yes it truly is amazing how a site of several billion users can be talking about multiple issues simultaneously.
What's next? Dobson saying GamerGate is behind the New Zealand attack? Or brag that he's the victim instead of the New Zealand victims?
“If you think about it..I could be next!! Please give asspats and Patreon donations for support, we can’t let Gamergate win in these difficult times!”.


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What "peers," Andy? You're not an animator. You've never in your entire life worked for a professional animation firm, and you don't even make animation as a hobbyist. Are you perhaps talking about your fellow students at the time you attended MCAD? If not, you have no "peers." You're just full of shit, as always.


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Where's the animations, Dobson?!
I learned more about animation and art from watching DVD commentaries and from following my peers on Twitter than from college.

That only means you're shit at doing your homework and listening to your teachers, Dobby. Furthermore, college isn't kindergarten, some level of independent research is expected.

Also, what a douchenozzle about that "indebted for life" thing, his parents paid for his education that he himself threw in the gutter by being a slacker. I bet MCAD didn't cost this much tuition back in the Dobdays, either.

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