Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston / CattyN - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP

Calarts tuition is 30k a year? How much can teaching people how do draw beanheads possibly cost?
Correction. It's 50k+ a year, which make it even worse, lol.

Why so salty about MCAD? You’ve graduated didn’t you Andy?
That's pretty typical behavior, especially for art students. I know so many peers that went into animation, and even though they seem to have enjoyed the things they got out of college (relations with friends, professors, leaning, etc) they don't have jobs and blame the school for either their lack of skill or lack of business acumen. It should be common knowledge that if you're going to drop that much money on college, you have to be self-motivated, in addition to doing your research about the prospects and logistics of finding a job within said field, but sadly, art students are well... not bright. A girl I went to art school with tried to sue the school because she didn't have a job, post graduation. She was actually considering getting a class-action thing going, hahah.
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So we have now established the following DIR (Dobson Importance Ranking, this is now a thing, get with the program).

Current DIR is: Lesbians > Churchchrist > His former roomate > Relevancy

The question is whatever racism or lesbians is more important to him. Based on his looks, I'd assume lesboaction in MCU.

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Just imagining this exaggerated logic applying to how basement dwellers like Dobson see IRL people.

"You're not currently tonguing the throat of another woman and married a MAN therefore you're a dang dirty HETERO and not bisexual!"

Whatever happened to just making your own assumptions rather than demanding everyone explicitly state to the camera that they're gay?