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He's doing the "correct" thing but almost certainly for the wrong reason. He needed to get his ass off the intarwebs and STAY OFF until he could get his shit together. Obviously he can't get his shit together for whatever reason.

It's like that meme, the one where the person says "How is there online harassment I mean nigga just close yo eyes"

Coofposting and reblogging:
Now, I wouldn't know anything about this, but I heard that if someone has the coof, but dies of like say, a stroke, cancer, heart attack etc, their deaths (in some instances I guess?) are allegedly labelled as caused by the coof.

A wild newest and most ignorant asspatter appears:

postcrying replies:


tangent 101 weighs in:
(and I'd love to know the story behind that person she's talking about, whether she's a lolcow or what)

just as an aside I did a little research into this Elicia Donze person. It would appear people specifically in the Supernatural fandom, who are just as woke as she is maybe more so (and trust me, she woke, she's into sociology and crap) are butthurt because.........she doesn't think fanfic should be censored? Or something.

To compare this person, who is legit an amazing artist, tangent101 wasn't lying in the slightest, to what Dobson is going through, is comparing apples to fucking glasses of tard cum.
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At this point I get Dobson is just really dumb (Or maybe has some mental health condition that makes him act irrationally and I don't mean autism) but all he has to do is ignore all the 'haters' and focus on the positive followers/comments he gets but he can't help himself and always responds in the worst way possible.
Something he was never capable of. Even in his heyday on dA, he'd never as much as acknowledge, let alone thanking for, positive supportive posts and comments.
But one comment going "you're art is dum" would get his knickers in a knot and he'd spend the entire rest of the day arguing with some buffoon over his hurt ego. It was glorious.
Any form of criticism would be met with longwinded, whiny, passive aggressive or outright insulting replies - even if the person had been a longterm asspatter. Only the dumbest idiots would stick around after that and apologize for trying to help.

In the grand scheme of things, Dobson doesn't even get trolled that badly and hasn't been for the better part of a decade. It's just people telling him his juvenile, immature and uneductaed views and derivative opinions are shit, whenever he vomits them into the void and demands fealty by all that read them.
Many lolcows get trolled and fight back, which is like punching a tarbaby, the more you fight, the more entangled and smeared you get, but Dobson is a special case, since he is his biggest detractor himself.

It's stating the obvious but how can he be a successful comic creator if he hides all his comics? I imagine criticism from sites like this only helps to endear him to the people he likes (The Tumblr/Twitter crowd) and makes them more willing to give him asspats and donate to his Patreon, he just has to do what all the other creators do and not respond directly to any of his critics while occasionally complaining about the gamergate nazi cyberbullies who are after him whenever he wants people to donate or buy his new product.
Well, that would require him to be at least a bit cunning and he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. A smart person would not end up in the situation that he's in to begin with and a smart person would have the wherewithall to simply ignore mean comments.

And when it comes to art, Dobson has this weird view where a fan can only be a TRUE and HONEST fan, if he's liking everything Dobson does without any form of criticism. Anyone voicing the slightest bit of criticism is an abuser and troll. It's a really childish black-and-white-worldview (isn't there a name for that?).

His inability to deal with criticism has lead him to use Patreon as paywall - and this is the next issue, apparently, you can't be a TRUE and HONEST fan, without giving him money. Now that's what I call "appreciating your readers".


But it does raise a few interesting points: Who is taking advantage of Dobson? In which way? Is this supposed to be about the "hate blog"?
Sounds to me, he's just doing a song and dance he saw others do and is now mimicking, tbh.
I know, this is going to sound like a joke, but I am dead serious, when I say this: Dobson can't be taken advantage of, cause to be taken advantage of, you need to have something to offer that makes you useful in some capacity and Dobson has nothing to that end.

And there's an interesting choice of words: It is for you do decide whether you're hurt or not. Decide? If you actively have to "decide" that you're hurt, then you're not really hurt. Maybe just a bad way of putting it, I could give him the benefit of the doubt, but this "I can decide how I feel about a post" just perfectly lines up with his regular attitude.

I genuinely wonder what Dobson thinks other people do, to deal with others. He seems to consider himself to have a particularly hard and tough skin, when we can point to 6k pages proving the contrary. So what does Dobson think others do to cope with mean words?
He'd be the first to call it toxic masculinity to just go "Fuck that noise" and carrying on without giving a fuck. After all, he thinks "Haters gonna hate" is empowering to "haters".

To think, this is all because of his Muslim Vampire comic leaking. He probably thinks that he was robbed of having tons of people sending him money on Patreon.
Maybe he thought he'd do something nice for his fans and it was taken away from him by... uh... I'm drawing a blank here. He simply could choose not to care
I think there is a saying in Buddhism: "Grudge is a sword that cuts the one who holds it", Dobson is the poster child of that. He allows chuckling asshats like us to completely dominate his life by merely existing.

If he had a therapist (a real one), they'd have told him to get away from social media. That hasn't happened. Ergo, the therapist is either an online "consultant" or just outright fake.
A few years ago, when he was very adamant about his therapist being real, I think he shared some of the things that his supposed therapist had told him, which was so blatantly contrary to what a therapist would ever tell you, that some Kiwis suggested that at best he saw a councilor of some sort and was making up the other stuff based on what a therapist in a TV show might say or do.

Maybe he doesn’t bring up his internet drama to them for whatever reason?

Like maybe they’re an older person and don’t get internet culture or he doesn’t want them finding out about CattyN/his fetishes?
"... these stories of people abusing and harassing you sound horrible. Tell me, where does this happen, were do you meet these people and how often do you bump into them?"
-"Almost daily, Doc... They are in every comment section of any of my posts on Tumblr!"
-"They even have a blog!"
*The therapist's face goes blank, he looks at Dobson, then at his notebook, then at Dobson again*
"So... about that assault you mentioned earlier, was that online, too?"
-"Oh no! It was far worse! At a convention, someone squirted me with a fine spray of water, can you believe that? I feel so violated - and it could happen again at any moment!"
" . . . Right. Yeah. Terrible. Yeah."
*Doc flips open a new page and only writes down one word, all across the entire page: Pansy*

I fucking hate when he pretends to be suicidal over and over, we saw this that other time and we all know exactly how it went. Kiwis worried about him, his asspatters didn't do anything, he was actually fine and, yet, he wishes us to fucking die.
It was even worse than that. His asspatters didn't manage anything more substantial than generic "hope you feel better soon" wishes and Dobson later pretended that whoever called the cops did so to troll Dobson. The only surprising thing about this is that he didn't take it as a pretext to claim he was SWATed.


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It's probably worth noting he doesnt even really have to leave the internet, he could simply stop being toxic or get off twitter. He has no excuses
There was this one moment in time, when he stood at a crossroads, one way towards humble success, one way towards arrogant failure. That was, when he went to /co/ and asked them, why they hated him and his art.
The shitposting that was to be expected aside, many people pointed out what flaws he had, what he could do to improve, what parts of his art and comics worked and what didn't. Believe it or not, he actually tried to follow these recommendations for a short time, but it didn't net the instant gratification and success he was hoping for, so he threw his arms in the air and said "fuck it" like a week later.
Had he been humble, dialed down his expectations to realistic levels and stuck with what was recommended, he could have been successful in the long run, but we're talking about Dobson, so ... y'know... here we are.


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He doesn’t need to leave the internet and hang up his career for good. Around 90% of the trolling Dobson gets is from reaction to the dumb ass things he says outside of posting art. I’d wager that like a majority of the comments he gets on his stupid ladybug comics or whatever are pretty positive. If he just shut his mouth, ignored the meanies, and continued to post drawings i think he would be ok. People like his drawings, I can’t say one of them, but some people do. He needs to hang onto that.

He hasn’t posted anything new on tumblr, but he has deleted every single recent post he made claiming I was his abuser and lifelong harasser. So he’ll be back posting normally soon and just pretend he never did that, I’m sure.
Well on the bright side, he took down his previous lies but in the form of more lies and playing it off.
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Dobson is claiming to quit tumblr again. I guess we’ll see if it lasts or not.
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Holy fuck, when I saw this I thought that it was obvious that this was a part of his brilliant plan to root out the troll that is "stealing" his comics. But given he has deleted his patreon, I think he could be done for good this time!

On the other hand I find it hard to believe that Dobson would just give up on the masterpiece that he's been working on for 5 years, and never show it to anyone. It could still be an elaborate ruse. If it's true that he can reactivate his patreon any time and keep all his patreons, I'd still be inclined to believe it's all part of a plan.

Well, anyway, if this is real there's only one thing I can say: Godspeed Teenage Muslim Lesbian Vampire! We never got to know you.