Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP

Im pretty straight forward most of the time and pretty open. Don't really have much to hide. Can't help it. I like watching people crumple and sperg but I also like taking chances at long shots.
Had to set the field for best possible chance, got the chance, didn't get what I wanted. Now i can sit back and watch the rest of his fall. Use to have a friend named CattyN but all that's left is a Dobby

You were friends with Catty N? And you're here, and you're not sharing the whole story???


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Remember everyone....
"only Americans understand racism in America" = "only the woke understand woke bullshit"

But yeah, not surprised Dobsoy believes that "you are magically incapable of understanding a culture if you're the wrong people" fallacy SJWs subscribe to. Gotta defend the insanity from scrutiny.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand American Racism. The lynching is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical Ku Klux Klans, most of the hate crimes will go over a typical viewer's head.
If you think Orange man bad, you'll get every racism question right

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You were friends with Catty N? And you're here, and you're not sharing the whole story???
There isn't really much to share. it was back in 05-07. We just spoke about anime stuff and random drawing junk. He never really exploded on me about anything and a few times he vented his current problems to me. I was one of the few who he was fairly normal person to. Granted that seems to be a rare thing around him but it has happened.


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Remember everyone....
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Dobson has very warped views about racism.
Dobson tries so hard to find something he can talk with authority on. He's not a woman. He's not a person of color*. He's not trans. He's not gay. So those aren't options to him. It's like with the mental health stuff and animating - he makes himself out to be an expert and claims that those who aren't can't debate him, because he can't debate for shit. He just posts screenshots of other people talking about a topic and doesn't do any critical thinking himself.

*yet he's somehow framed this like he, a white American, knows more about racism than say a black British person.

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