Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP

There isn't really much to share. it was back in 05-07. We just spoke about anime stuff and random drawing junk. He never really exploded on me about anything and a few times he vented his current problems to me. I was one of the few who he was fairly normal person to. Granted that seems to be a rare thing around him but it has happened.
Do you remember what problems? Do you have some saved emails or conversations?

Sharing is caring, and sorry for insisting but we're starved for Dobson material since he keeps his real life very private lately.

You sure you don't have some inflation Ero-RP in there???


May contain nuts.
True & Honest Fan
-Posts something he knows will generate a negative response.
-spends all his time online being upset people hate him.
When I grew up, there was a kid in my neighborhood that reminds me a lot of Dobson.
Said kid would ask us if he could join in when we played tag, but when someone was actually chasing him, he'd yell for his mom, who would promptly see her precious son being chased by someone else, who would then yell out of the windows in italian or whatever at us for attacking her son.
Some time later, he'd again ask if he could join us, promising not to do it again. Us, being kids, allowed him to join in and the same thing happened. After that, no one wanted to play with him.
So he'd start doing something douchey, like destroying a sand castle, kicking away a ball or even hit kids or throw sticks at them, to provoke a reaction.
And he'd always wait for us to run after him, so he could call for his mom.

Dobson is that 5 year old ill-mannered wankstain, only in the body of an obese bald loser.

He thrives on being a victim and he's happy when he can point at something and go "See, I was attacked for no reason. Pity me!"
Being attacked online is the best thing that ever happened to Dobson, since it allows him to milk asspats and it's a convenient excuse why his career never took off. For quite some time, he claimed that people were jealous of his art, then his fame. When he realized that neither was true, he went for something more tautological and people hated him for his amazing and brave political beliefs.

In his mind, trolls have ruined his otherwise stellar reputation and turned him into someone unemployable, when the simple fact is that he's a toxic and incompetent buffoon that would never have gotten a well paid job either way.
Even the people he dubs trolls are first and foremost people who are fed up with his bullshit, but by no means mere trolls.

Sexy Senior Citizen

What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
So Dobsoy says "yikes," he's a Nintendo fanboy, he's woke, and he's a balding bearded white guy.

What other typical soyboy traits does he have?
A bearded egg for a head.
An art style that looks like it was inspired by CalArts.
A piss-poor grasp of logic and debate.
No job.
A Patreon account.
A room at his parents' place.
An arrogant, know-it-all tone in his voice and writing.
An itchy trigger finger where the "block" button is concerned.
Power fantasies.
A thread on the Kiwi Farms.
A fetish for a group in the LGBT+ community that he actively acts upon whilst simultaneously claiming to be an LGBT+ defender.
An ego so large that the Armillaria Ostoyae has genuine performance anxiety.
Hypocrisy so extensive that @SteelPlatedHeart had to start a separate website to keep track of it all.
A habit for jumping on bandwagons.
SJW/NPC senpais whom he follows so he knows what to think and say.
A tiny room he can retreat into when his Hurtful Truth Level has been exceeded.

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