Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP


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DOBSON: "Hmmm. A terrorist attack in New Zealand, eh? How can I make this all about me / blame Trump?"

Actually, I think he'll simply wait until the SJW elite have spoken, so he can parrot the pre-approved opinion. Remember, 9-11 wasn't a big deal to him, so this won't be either. Not until SJWs have a position on it, anyway.

Pickle Inspector

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Yes it truly is amazing how a site of several billion users can be talking about multiple issues simultaneously.
What's next? Dobson saying GamerGate is behind the New Zealand attack? Or brag that he's the victim instead of the New Zealand victims?
“If you think about it..I could be next!! Please give asspats and Patreon donations for support, we can’t let Gamergate win in these difficult times!”.


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What "peers," Andy? You're not an animator. You've never in your entire life worked for a professional animation firm, and you don't even make animation as a hobbyist. Are you perhaps talking about your fellow students at the time you attended MCAD? If not, you have no "peers." You're just full of shit, as always.


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Where's the animations, Dobson?!
I learned more about animation and art from watching DVD commentaries and from following my peers on Twitter than from college.
That only means you're shit at doing your homework and listening to your teachers, Dobby. Furthermore, college isn't kindergarten, some level of independent research is expected.

Also, what a douchenozzle about that "indebted for life" thing, his parents paid for his education that he himself threw in the gutter by being a slacker. I bet MCAD didn't cost this much tuition back in the Dobdays, either.

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So, people get fired after the project is done, eh? Dobbo, just a simple question got any proof of this and not something you dug out from your fat ass? As for Larson, hate to say sunshine but while there might have been stupid level trolling it was pretty obvious that she's a massive bitch.


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More likely the teams are freelancers now. So they aren't so much "fired" after a project ends, but that the project is finished or their contract ran out. But, not having been gainfully employed in the past ten years (save short-lived stints doing low-paying, menial janitor work), Dobby wouldn't know that, now would he?

elder god
When people say shit like: "This taught me more than any college ever did" and it's not job experience or similar real experiences, that is a warning signal that they were horrible students and nobody should follow their example. I'd bet everything Dobson "learned" from Twitter and DVDs is either
A: not actually something that is important to learn,
B: something that's actually detrimental and wasn't taught for that reason, or
C: something the college actually taught and he didn't learn it then because, by his own admission, he didn't pay attention to people trying to teach him.

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