Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP

LOL some instagram account tried to get Dobson to join some "pay us and we'll promote your work" thing:
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Funny how many pennniless artists get suckered into that. Dobson of course isn't fooled for a minute (because people should be paying HIM, not the other way around)

MLB movie sperging:
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Virtue signally whinging: (basically a verbal rehash of that comic with the squid in it)
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Y'all, dobson doesn't know the meaning of "based":
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asspatter asspatter pat me an ass:
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imagine being THAT desperate
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Since his lesbian fetish is the most bizarre aspect, has Dobson ever done any artwork or sperging on Clarke and Lexa from The 100? I wonder if he put his two cents on that fandom or not.
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Making Nanomachines great again
Those guys are talking out of their ass, Pokemon R/B had problems with them that are encounterd during the game.
Moves that make you weaker instead of stronger like the discription said? check.
Getting into an unending softlock because of a move? check.
Translation so spotty at times that it makes you think a pokemon can evolve into something while it can not? check.

Also, dobson getting in with a fact that is comonly known while the box brags about it is so half arsed, he could better sperg how it almost got scrapped because they wanted to keep it below the maximum size.


If I won't do it, then who will?
I hope not. It’s be funnier if he was some dick who had no disabilities to blame for his behavior.
I only hope he does so he can blame having autism as to why he is such a massive piker, only for people to shut him down for trying to excuse his shitty behavior with a mostly unrelated mental disability. It'd be like trying to blame Parkinsons on you being an abusive spouse by beating up your lover.

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