Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP


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Didn't he rewatch that movie like 2 years ago and went on and on how bad it was?
Nah, that was Venus Wars. He did a live tweet thing about it.


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A bit late to point out but how the fuck you make someone look young and old at the same time I doubt it was done on purpose.
He's lazy where it matters, and just adds extra wrinkles for "detail" to make it look like he put more effort into it than he did. Like "Look at all these little lines and detail I put in! It took all the effort I had! PRAISE ME!!"

EDIT: spelling


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This looks good, but there’s this nagging feeling in my head that keeps telling me “Dobson fucked up a simple drawing of a goose” and I don’t o ow why.
Because...I don't think he drew it. I think he took an image from the game and ran it through a greyscale filter.

EDIT: I have no evidence for this, it just looks so close to an actual ingame shot that I think he did.

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