Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston - STOP DOING SEXIST CRAP

All of that, all of those words, all of that to tell you what they thought about your comic, stating that they were a transgender person in Japan (THE PLACE YOU HAVE SAID SHOULD GET SENSITIVITY TRAINING ON A TRANS RUMOR), and you still have the balls (or lack of) to take one sente- no, one fragment and just be a real asshole about it, calling it a condescendingly privileged response (pot calling the negro black) to show yourself being a good ally.

Now everyone say it with me,


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No one really admits they're ever wrong on the net, Dobsons reply is about as close as you can get to admitting total defeat since if anything had been off he'd have nit picked it to tangental strawman oblivion.
That's what I was thinking too, it's the response of someone backed into a corner with nothing left but ad hominim attacks at their disposal. He's gonna really regret saying that before long since he's just given people the perfect thing to say back to him. :lol:
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I feel Dobson hates DreamWorks more than Disney because Shrek helped convinced studios that they can compete against Pixar’s computer-animated movies.
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