Andri Erlingsson / MisAndri / FreyjaErlings - Supporter of pedophile advocate Alison Rapp, went into debt playing MTG

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This is the face of sexual harrassment
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This fellow has been on my radar for a while due to his interactions with other members of the Rat King, and with him bitching about Nora getting BTFO by Notch, I figured it's time we gave him his own thread. Let's get to know Andri Erlingsson, shall we?

A native of Selfoss, Iceland, Andri first came to the attention of Kiwi Farms at the beginning of this month when he revealed himself as one of Nora Reed's many orbiters.

At the request of @CatParty we doxxed this turd, and it wasn't that hard at all.




Miðtúni 11, 800 Selfossi

Home phone
482 2817


November 7, 1984

Byggðasafn Árnesinga

He possibly is a brony, too. From his Facebook page:

On Twitter he has mentioned that he works at a museum, probably one that covers the history of why he is such a tard.

Andri thinks that people give a shit about where he shits
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котенок сладкого кота ...
That's the most unsavory and patchy-ass beard I've ever seen.

Also using a @dril tweet is like every twitter warriors go-to because they literally have the personality of a slug, thus they must use a shitpost to seem like they indeed have a personality beyond being psychotic and self-consumed.

Oh Long Johnson

My VPN is an honor student
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Gotta say, I'm feeling pretty cheated here. A couple friends wanted me to come along with them on a trip to Iceland a few years back. When they got back, I heard all about the attractive, friendly people and what a great time they had.

They made no mention of the existence of fat, sexually confused Eric Stoltz looking fuckers.

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