Andy Warski / Adam "Race" Warski / Andy Pires / Warski Live / The Warski Show - Recovering cokehead, Property of pedophile Corey Barnhill, Delusionally tearing apart his own life


soap dropped, nigga
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Not really. They've both been long proven to be pseudo intellectuals.

The Spencer clip really applies to both of them -- neither one is as smart as they think they are.
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I'll try to do a brief sum-up:

- Beginning: Andy secures leaked audio of gay OPs. He waits for a long time and lines his ducks in a row, making sure its legit and then release the nuke.
- Tonka has been running with the skeptics in order to destroy Andy/Ralph/Jim
- Tonka has been working with Kraut and running lots of gay OPs
- Kraut didn't 'accidentally' come on the Kumite. It was planned and the acting was gay tier
- Andy's 'conspiracy theory' about Analvape, Tonka, Kraut and the Skeptics working together to destroy Jim/Ralph was true
- Andy was a target because he suddenly got popular
- They also wanted to destroy Joachim
- Tonka was proven to offer $2k to get Jim's dox but was declined EDIT: Someone might have actually took the money and that's why Jim was doxed, enlisting the help of one of the guys on the farms. This is rumored.
- They discuss the fact that they're planning to 'ruin Andy' which basically confirms that the Snapchat stuff was a gay OP and cannot be trusted
- Tonka denies he is internet people, but has been running OPs to destroy people he hated on the internet because he wants to be on 'top'
- Vee was caught discussing the 'gay ops' and also made a hilarious statement: "Is this being recorded?" "No, of course not!" (lol yes)
- Zoom apparently was telling the truth when he wasn't working with them because they shit talk him and planned to get him arrested. EDIT: Nevermind, Zoom was involved in some faggot ops and has worked with Analvape before.
- Zoom has tried to use childporn tricks before
- Tonka worked with Analvape to attempt to get Andy arrested for child porn
- The leaker was being blackmailed by someone with his family's dox and when they tried to go after Sinead, it was the last straw. EDIT: The leaker is El Rariachi, thanks @shex
- They tried to get El Rariachi banned by fabricating that he looked at child porn because they lost a Twitter fight in July EDIT: Tonka knew that evidence was being fabricated, yet he still tried to use the fake stuff against Andy
- This was being planned since early October and not only trying to ruin Andy's life with child porn, but trying to actively ruin the relationship with his girlfriend.
- Sargon knows about the gay OPs and used Vee as his messenger pigeon
- Tonka opened up a folder with a large amount of Dox on his screen including Andy, Ralph, Jim
- Sargon is probably behind the Jim dox, but couldn't find it so he enlisted help to do it. Which resulted in the dox. EDIT: Josh basically called Sargon insane and Jim said that all it took for Sargon to lose his mind was one suit joke
- Sargon is probably behind a lot of this

TL;DR: Tonka and the skeptics have been running gay ops to destroy Ralph, Andy, Jim and anyone they deem as 'alt right'. Proving themselves that they use the tactics of progtards, the people they claim to hate. Andy has been revealed to be the master of the gay OPs, outsmarting all of them.
Holy fuck dude. This is some 007/The Prisoner shit. What fucking wonderful timeline do we live in?

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