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Angry Joe has been going downhill for a long time now, but I think with the recent Twitter storm that strongly implied that Joe doesn't want to make Angry Reviews anymore, a thread on him is justified.

Joe is beginning to lash out at fans who ask him why there are no Angry Reviews for games we know he has played. Among them this year are Horizon: Zero Dawn, NIOH, Persona 5, and others. Joe actually took initiative earlier this year to improve and actually promised to stick to a schedule earlier this year which produced some really good reviews on Yakuza 0 and Zelda, but now he's regressed again and decided to take a 'vacation' from making Angry Reviews. Because apparently playing video games is such hard work. Shouldn't his 'vacation' time be when there aren't any major releases to cover?

Joe seems to want to transition into making unedited vlog videos instead of actual edited content, similar to what Spoony did before he stopped making videos entirely. It really does seem to mean that the beginning of the end of the Angry Joe Show is upon us.

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Joe seems to want to transition into making unedited vlog videos instead of actual edited content
Looks like you spelt things incorrectly. Here's a fix:
Joe seems to want to transition into making unedited VLAWG videos instead of actual edited KWALITY KHANTENT
Remember to stay #DSPositive, Angry Joe!


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Smug Mexican does the typical YouTuber self destructive "the fame went to my head and now I've convinced myself I'm too good for the content that made me famous, so I'm just gonna hate my fans when they disagree with me making something different out of sheer pretentiousness."

The end of the bell curve for a YouTuber has striking similarities to a tranny.
The only thing Joe does now are paid promotion videos and shitty reviews that he thinks are better than Red Letter Media. There could be something with his current/ex Girlfriend PurrlunaGaming and if they broke up, but no one seems to know. Her only viewership boost came when she was living with Joe, but she is back in Sweden now.

Googled "Angry Joe drama" and this blog that keeps track of him pops up.



a summertime treat
I feel like this thread is anticipating a shitstorm that may not happen.

The only thing I know about this guy is that he acted like an ass at one of those stupid video game awards shows a few years ago.
His momentum into degeneration is too far. I politely disagree. He's too committed when he's responding to YouTube comment bait.

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Joe could have worded his YouTube comments a little better, but I don't see how he's in the wrong. He's in charge of his channel and its content and if he wants to make reviews of other things besides video games that no one's decision but his to make. If his fans are too autistic to understand and appreciate this then they're the ones who should have a thread here. Joe seems like someone burned out on what initially got him on the map and he wants to branch out into other things (ala Doug Walker).

Then again I know literally nothing about this guy so I'm just going by what's in the thread. He could be a huge piece of shit all the time for all I know.

Separated at birth?


But to the point. It was just a matter of time. AJ has been acting like a scum, and shit has finally hit the fan. Empty promises, lazy as FUCK content (him sitting and talking when OJ is just giggling like a retard in the background), a 2-month vacation announcement and now this. No more comments and ratings guyz, you hurt mah feewees! Why i'm not allowed to do what i want on mah channel?!

Well guess what you moron, you channel is not your hobby, it's your job. You either provide your customers the product they want, or they will move to another store. You can't be a whore and refuse to do a blowjob because it hurts your goddamn ego, doesn't work that way. It's fucking basics. You produce shit, people call it shit, and you run like a bitch and hide inside your Safe Space. Pathetic. Remember when this guy was bashing publishers and developers for censoring/ignoring criticism? Look at him now, what a sad little hypocrite. Railing against 'corporate banhammers' and becoming exactly that when shit doesn't go his way. Like i said, pathetic.
I skimmed that article, what job did he do with Joe? I couldn't find that bit of information from first glance. Which section is it mentioned in?
I assume he is the editor or something behind the scenes, but he does appear in most of the vlogs and reviews they put out now. Delrith also streams on Joe's twitch channel most nights when Joe is too lazy to do it himself.

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