Animal Breeding Horror Show - Featuring trendy bulldogs, exotic bullies and the dog cum cartel

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Sep 10, 2021

Good evening kiwis, as a long time lurker on these forums I believe I may have finally found a way to give back in the form of a thread about a nutcase community of dog abusers I've been observing for some time. Readers of medical-oriented threads such as the munchies or crunchy babies may find this read interesting, I think we're due for a veterinary thread.

This OP began highlighting several corners of fucked up dog breeding (breeds not discussed in the OP are also welcome for discussion) but it quickly became apparent that one group of people is considerably more thread worthy than the rest. There’s quite a bit to sift through and I will try my best to TL;DR but there's so many shady practices occurring at once there's a lot to get through. Very image heavy so most is under spoilers, forgiveness in advance for any formatting errors I'm new to posting.

Let me introduce you to the pyramid scheme of exotic bullies.


Have you ever thought to yourself: "what if lowriders were dogs?" If you have more than three brain cells you probably haven't had this thought, others aren't so fortunate. Simply put Exotics are the newest flavor of the American Bully, which themselves are the newest iterations of pit bulls. generally all of them share some key traits:

TYPE: Smorgasbord pit bull-type dogs with huge heads descended from pits, American bully, and micros have some bulldog or frenchie blood in them too. Since these breeds aren’t officially recognized by any of the major kennel clubs they’ve gone underground, made their own clubs/expos, and you’ll see dogs of all shapes and sizes being called exotics. This dive is specifically focused on the mini strains of bullies since the large dogs aren't falling apart...yet.
this is the desired silhouette of a micro bully

this one looks shooped but still this is seriously the look they're going for


rip shoulder


a frog

who thinks this is good??

you can land a plane on that fivehead
COLOR/PRICE: All breeders focus on trendy colors notably merles, tan points, and dilutions of said colors. the more recessive the gene and the more recessive genes the dog carries, the more money it's worth. If something new pops up you gotta have it in your breeding stock incest be damned. There's even apps and online tools for color prediction and color is one of the only things these breeders test their dogs for.

CHOPPED EARS: For anyone out of the loop, these dogs are born with floppy ears and have them cut off at several weeks old. The procedure has no benefits and is purely cosmetic. Seriously america ban this shit already.



THE OWNERS: The people who breed and keep these frogs are wannabe gangsters who constantly flex their dogs and incomes and post dumb entrepreneur motivational shit on ig. They love to call themselves the CEO of their kennels and calling their litters "productions" as if they're fucking mixtapes. They type like idiots spamming fire emojis and the words STRUCTURE and QUALITY while the dogs they're holding up are barely compatible with life, love making "fuck off haterz" posts.
how lovely

you should take your own advice

"push ups"

mode: albert einstein

why do they all type this way

damn those hatters

flexing upon flexing


puppy died..... GIVEAWAY TIME

STUPID TERMINOLOGY: The less these frogs look like a dog, the more “exotic” it becomes. Exotic breeders have some very specific terms for ways of fucking up a dog. A dog with a huge hydrocephalus dome is dubbed alien, a dog with a huge hunchback is called a gorilla. To add to confusion bullies come in many sizes, but whereas normal breeds have categories like “standard, miniature, and toy” exotic bullies are advertised in sizes such as “standard, classic, XL, pocket, micro” and now even “nano”. Wtf is the difference between micro and nano?

word salad

RIDICULOUS NAMES: These dogs can have some of the fucking funniest pedigree names








HEALTH NIGHMARES: If you so much as look at these dogs the wrong way they'll croak. Anyone stupid enough to shovel out 10k for one of these things will probably be looking at another 10k in vet bills over the dogs' below average lifespans to keep them from falling apart, but more on that later.

Many of these bully breeders also specialize in frenchies and english bulldogs as part of their grift because ever since the coof they have skyrocketed in popularity, but all fall under the label of "bully" breeds. Specifically these people have created "exotic" versions of these bulldogs too because god knows a standard bred bulldog isn't already allergic to being alive

The pyramid scheme:​

As you browse the thousands of #exoticbully posts on ig something starts becoming very clear: very few photos of these dogs are pets. Nearly all of them are owned by breeders and simply get passed around between other breeders for thousands upon thousands of dollars. Once it can't be passed around locally they can get sold to gullible Chinese or South Korean breeders where the bully scene is also big. It's very clear that the ‘dog game’ has become the hot new hustle that's much less dangerous than any illicit trafficking. There are now hundred of backyard bully kennels all continuously churning out bully, frenchie, and bulldog puppies (I’ve even heard anecdotally that the mafia are now using frenchie puppies as currency). Essentially the grift is that several successful breeders at the top brag about their 6 figure incomes, promoting the bully breeder lifestyle to anyone else that wants to get rich quick in hopes the suckers will buy a 10k puppy from them or a 5k vial of dog cum to begin their own kennels.

Did I just say dog cum? yes I did.


Besides the puppies, the second product these bully breeders push is dog cum. I mean a LOT, and they really like taking pictures of it. Once these dogs are physically capable of producing semen they are wanked regularly before even reaching full growth. Unlike any breeder with morals who waits until a dog is fully grown to be assessed for soundness as a stud, these people begin milking 7 month old puppies.










A business tactic you’ll see in the cum cartel is the opportunity to ‘lock in’ a stud where you pay an early bird price for jizz when the puppy is still 4 months old because once he reaches 6 months his cum will cost an extra 2k! I’ve looked around AI circles in other animal breeding like racehorses but to my knowledge this lock-in grift is a bully exclusive. Add in flash sales, giveaways, and ENDLESS dog cum advertising on instagram and these people are desperately trying to pimp out their dogs. Everyone's stud is the "the best stud in the game" and YOU are missing out on an opportunity because they'll close their studbooks soon so better invest NOW NOW NOW!!




Even the Bully dog show is extremely different to a standard KC show, instead being much more like a reptile expo. Breeders set up booths for their kennels and do....whatever the hell this is in hopes of making $$$.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with AI, it can be a great tool. what is fucked is that most exotic bullies are physically incapable of breeding naturally and most of this is all done in-house. for several grand you can buy your own sperm counter machine and equipment for progesterone testing. Many such canine fertility clinics have sprung up to service bully breeders and currently none are being regulated as these pieces of shit LARP being veterinarians.


a helping hand

what makes these price tags fucking insane is that all these dogs are crippled, deformed, and defective.


You’ll be hard pressed to find a single sound joint in these dogs’ bodies, their backsides are consistently shot and they waddle around like frogs dragging their sorry dicks or teats on the floor. there’s several videos of dogs whose back ends just give out and they collapse with minimal effort. Some faults are clearly evident from just the videos (remember dogs in these videos are breeding material)
Notable conditions include:

BOAS: the squished face condition that makes it impossible for these dogs to breathe. It's not just the shortness of the nose that affects airways, recently it's been discovered that thickness of head and neck also exacerbates breathing issues, something bully breeders are actively trying to breed into their dogs. It was pretty difficult to find these videos since most are muted or blast rap music to conceal the awful sounds of their dog’s failing airways. The fact they hide it means somewhere in their small brains they know this is wrong. Surgery can open the airways a bit and ease the dog's suffering but despite racking in thousands thanks to their dogs, none of them will take their prize stud in to get corrective BOAS surgery (probably because the vet will push for adding a neutering while the dog is under).
This inability to breathe also limits panting AKA the dogs' thermoregulation. I wish I had it archived but someone's prized bulldog stud snuck outside while people were hanging out laundry to dry and by the time he was found he was already past the point of no saving from heatstroke and died.
HIPS/KNEES: Most dogs show signs of hip dysplasia and luxating patella (where your knee pops out). An assortment of frogs with horrible back ends


textbook dysplasia, look at the jut in those legs


nothing about this looks badass

AWFUL gait

what angle are those hind legs on

although the floor is wet here the grey puppy is struggling a lot more than the rest
this bitch is missing an entire joint in her legs

it's our friend Al-Qaeda!

the way this dog moves is horrifying

dragging your stomach on the floor

didn't know where else to put this but FROG
C-SECTIONS: this problem also affects most bulldogs and frenchies, even the “responsibly” bred ones. bullies are being bred for bigger and bigger heads making it impossible for them to pass the birth canal naturally so C-section is the only option. Much like the potato babies, if it weren't for these extreme interventions only possible through modern medicine these dogs would be dead. Somewhere Darwin spins in his grave.
Bitches are continuously cut open and sewn shut (sometimes even the AI is done surgically, a practice banned in several countries over welfare concerns) as if they exist to be living lootboxes that hopefully pull the rarest colors. at least they go the vet for the C-sections... usually.

RAMPANT INBREEDING: What really makes bully breeders amazing to watch is just how unapologetic they are with their abuses, usually nobody brags about the amount of inbreeding they do but here it’s a status symbol. Anyone who knows breeding 101 has heard of the dangers of the popular sire effect, when a stud is so overrepresented in the gene pool it can open the floodgates to disaster for the entire breed (for instance Bernese have suffered tremendously once popular sires fathered most litters). Well in the exotic toy bully world there’s three studs who appear in almost all pedigrees : IB's Bape, Mr.Miagi, and Bullsace
The Frogfathers

This stud has already fathered 100 litters in under one year!!

If you’re looking for extreme autism breeding, there’s even extra brownie points for just how many times a popular sire appears in a dog’s ancestry! We’re talking x2, x3, even x4 representations of one stud in a pedigree and they are proud of it.







June 2020, Mamasita is 4 months old

Mamasita is off Bipolar and Rocksteady

December 2020, Mamasita is 10 maybe 11 months when she is bred

Not sure what happened there weren't any follow ups, but earlier this year Mamasita was bred to her father

So was her sister

And her father was bred to his mother

And....niece I think?

chromosonal clusterfuck.

PART 4: ???
Personally my biggest mystery is just what happens to these dogs after their five minutes of fame. No doubt they're pimped out at such a young age as a race against the clock before failing health finally catches up with these poor dogs, and since the breed is so new with no major bully club conducting any health/cause of death surveys we don't know much about their lifespan or outlook. The oldest stud I've seen is 7 which genuinely shocked me, I haven't seen any photos of visibly elderly bullies anywhere. Since breeders only care about the hustle dogs are discarded once they can't turn a profit to make room for new or better dogs. Since semen can be frozen a deceased dog can still turn a profit if he was wanked enough in advance. Occasionally one gets chucked into the SPCA which is always a treat because their adoption writeups actually don't lie and give an honest blurb on the dog's health..



being done god knows where while someone wears long acrylic nails. very safe.

mystery chinese drugs, they'll never name the meds they're promoting

lol they put english stickers on them now

green goo panacea that can cure parvo and pyometra

if this is pick of the litter I'm scared what the rest look like




your hydrocephalus has a dog attached to it
how to take your own dog's blood! (is this even legal in USA? In the UK this is practicing without a license and very illegal.)

he's also got a video on how to give sick dogs fish antibiotics









lol shopped teeth


If you've made it this far without going full MOTI congrats, here's some palette cleanser bullies to heal your soul and prove I'm not just an evil breed haturr




So, do you know anyone who bought one of these frogs or a cute widdle frenchie puppy from one of these breeders? Or perhaps you're a vet who's had to treat one of these creatures. What happened to them? I'd love to hear more firsthand accounts of these dogs since (powerlevel) I'm not in an area with many bullies around nor am I myself a vet, so I'd love some licensed input. I hope you kiwis found this interesting or at least a good waste of 10 minutes because I've lost all faith in the human race while archiving this shit. There's a ton I left out especially with english bulldogs and frenchies but I'm planning future spotlights.


Sep 10, 2021
This hurt to read. Like great OP, one of the most organized ops I've seen but this is so sad. Those dogs don't deserve this.
Thanks I'm just hoping to bring attention to something which (I should've mentioned this in the OP) has literally millions of posts on instagram but nobody's talking about. :(

Somehow these bully expos are taking place all over usa, uk, canada, mexico, brazil, china, south korea, and phillipines to my knowledge

Damn dude, have you called the cops with any of that? Or are you just gonna tell KF? There's no way all of that is legal, unless this world truly is clown world.
I think organized is involved, but nothing is technically illegal unless there's textbook animal neglect in said jurisdiction?

Vets are in a hard place too in all of this. Since these dogs can't give birth, turning one away from a C-section is a death sentence. what should they do? they're morally screwed
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Oct 23, 2021
Jesus, those poor dogs! This shit and the Beagle-torture... The wolves should never have trusted us :'(



secret bogdanoff
Dec 17, 2019
Mind if I expand this to a few more species? Because this phenomenon is fucking abhorrent and terrifyingly popular in seemingly every corner of the earth.

Persian cats are one example, or any flat faced cat breed for that matter. Obvious breathing problems aside, they also suffer from bad dental & eye diseases.

Then you also have Arabian horses that are a whole other league of fucked up.

Morality aside, how anyone finds any of these animals visually appealing is beyond me. They're painfully disgusting to look at, and this is coming from someone who works with "gross" looking animals. Seriously, any normal person looks at these animals and alarm bells immediately ring in their head, so how fucking retarded must you be to think this is attractive?


May 30, 2019
Hey, you know what we don’t have enough of around here? Pit bulls.

We definitely aren’t overrun with pit bulls and their hybrids to the point where shelters are calling them “lab mixes” and paying people to take them and rescues are having to import other dogs from overseas just to get some that aren’t pit bulls. No sir.

What this world needs is more pit bulls. Fancier ones.


Praise the Lord!
Aug 7, 2021
Hey, you know what we don’t have enough of around here? Pit bulls.

We definitely aren’t overrun with pit bulls and their hybrids to the point where shelters are calling them “lab mixes” and paying people to take them and rescues are having to import other dogs from overseas just to get some that aren’t pit bulls. No sir.

What this world needs is more pit bulls. Fancier ones.
To be fair, at least toadlines are very very unlikely to maul anything


kiwi faggot enabler
Apr 30, 2017
Damn dude, have you called the cops with any of that? Or are you just gonna tell KF? There's no way all of that is legal, unless this world truly is clown world.
Puppy mills are outlawed in a few states but not all. These are definitely puppymill operations.
I think organized is involved, but nothing is technically illegal unless there's textbook animal neglect in said jurisdiction?

Vets are in a hard place too in all of this. Since these dogs can't give birth, turning one away from a C-section is a death sentence. what should they do? they're morally screwed
WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF VETERINARY MEDICINE. Where shitty people abuse animals and will leave your business angry reviews about how you don't care about animals if you are to refuse to enable their awful behavior.

There's a reason veterinarians have the highest professional suicide rate.
That's the most well compiled guide to SMASHED and SLAMMED I've ever seen

View attachment 2663279
Compared to bulldogs I've seen this is actually not a terribly conformed bitch. Yes her legs could be straighter and her face not as deformed but as she can presumably walk she's not as bad off as many I've seen.

Also all bully breeds are prone to skin conditions and not just in the facial folds. They're very prone to scabies and demodex. Demodex are mites that actually occur at all times on all dogs (similar to eyebrow mites in humans) but because these are genetic nightmares their immune systems allow demodex to get to patholgical levels leading to itchy, dry patches and secondary infections due to scratching. (Especially the "blue" coats. Just ask a veterinary professional about any blue dog and watch the rrrrreeeee about how no one should be breeding blue colors.)

Not that having to clean out a rescued bulldogs face folds wasn't the worst things I've ever smelled. And I used to smell wounds they had been left to rot for three days on 100° + weather and parvo blood.


May 30, 2019
To be fair, at least toadlines are very very unlikely to maul anything
They’re like the Ed Hardy brand of dogs. These breeders are trying to keep the tough, thug life imagery there, but package it into a posh purse dog.

I will fully admit that I’m a filthy, unapologetic dog racist. But I also just find it insane that this isn’t an offshoot of a breed that’s already obscure or even one that’s in particularly high demand like poodle mixes are, it’s a specialized version of a type of dog that already has massive overpopulation problems. (Which is partially due to people who, like these breeders, gravitate towards fighting breeds because they want a tough-guy dog for status reasons.)

The comparison to reptile breeders and expos is accurate. These people would definitely be better suited for an animal they can keep in a Rubbermaid tub and toss a rat at every few weeks. (Which doesn't even seem very nice for reptiles, but what do I know?)