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Jan 17, 2021
Home now, I'm gonna put things into words that I will regret at a later date:

So far a lot of the local jannies have either quit, gotten their shit smeared all over the walls, or disappeared entirely. There was the disaster with Twinkie, Kamov or whoever that fuckhead was, YS turned into a nutter, CIA Nigger turned into a faggot. This was made apparent AFTER they got made into a moderator.

I'll be as honest as I can, I don't trust a lot of people on this particular sub to do shit. I really fucking don't. A lot of the 2021s are walking landfills of dogshit, with a few gems mixed in that I wouldn't curse with the janny status, and there's not a lot of people from 2020 and before that post often enough for me to gauge them except like ONE person who I really don't think would be a good fit anyway. The older mods that used to be here were great, but they've all retired off and done their own thing, and I really wish at least one of them were here so I wouldn't have to say that even if I have a thread I can janny here if I have to. My cards are already on the table, people are aware of my stuff back then and at this point there is nothing to lose for me if I have to deal with anyone attempting some niggerfag shit with my real life.
I promise if I become a Janny I won't delete your thread, even if you request <3

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Aug 10, 2020
The best leaders (unpaid slave jannies) don't want their power. They are called to serve out of necessity.

I would offer up myself but I haven't contributed shit and lurk mostly. I wouldn't be a very public janny and would quietly work behind the scenes like a shadow janny.

Personally, I like the idea of @Uncle Warren as janny because he's blunt. He's not afraid to call someone out.


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Oct 29, 2020
I would prefer it stay up so I can remind myself of the lessons learned.
It’s rare when a lolcow becomes a “former” lolcow, with the exception of those that an-hero, or die from some ancient plague they unexpectedly rediscovered on their favourite shit-encrusted plushie.
Even more rare, is when they actually get their autism under control and stop being a lolcow altogether. Taking in criticism from their thread, and trying to improve instead of immediately getting MATI. I respect you for being able to even manage that in the first place. Seems Warren’s learned his lesson, but the choice of if he should become Janitor of this vile dog hair-coated internet wasteland, is up to him and those who do it for free.

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Oct 13, 2019
That's why you need someone who doesn't want it, because some retard will use that like a gavel instead of a broom.
there isnt enough power to abuse, you get to click like two more buttons than regular users do.

mod someone who is abrasive enough to not care and is still able to be invested in whats going on.
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