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What the shit

The Blue Blur
True & Honest Fan
Jun 10, 2021
Would be more appropriate to let him mod the Rat Kings forum.
Well Null did say those who mod this place can also mod other subforums they frequent so it wouldn’t be too far fetched for that to happen.


Please don't look up porn of me.
Sep 16, 2020
Since it's for furries might as well nominate those with furry avatars to be fitting. But at this point just write down the nominee usernames on slips of paper, put them into a box, and the unlucky person to get picked is forced brooming.


Continuing the Irish tradition of alcoholism
Jun 11, 2016
I know I already voted but by god anyone but the people who use outside usernames and/or talk openly about their degenerate fetishes. Their more degenerate than regular furry fetishes. Y’know. Like corpse fucking.
Yes, as we have seen, all good jannies here keep their degenerate fetishes to themselves until they’re eventually posted in the inevitable thread they’ll relieve once they fuck up and oust themselves.

Noble Ocelot

You're pretty good
Nov 17, 2021
I nominate @Mal0 because he actually wants to do it and people seem to like him. The whole 1 year anniversary "gift" aspect is pretty cool too I guess.
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