Animal Crossing Needs A Fake News Policy - Disinformation Will Come for Animal Crossing

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The signs are old news. Biden now has an entire island for people to visit.

Here's some Nazi uniform patterns that have been available since New Leaf, btw:
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Yes, you can wear this stuff to other people's towns.

It wouldn't get pulled. There's a ton of user made Trump patterns publicly available and Nintendo doesn't care.
I guess Nintendo's moderation (at least in America) doesn't care.

Mind you, Nintendo in yesteryear was particular about blood, religion and violence in their games. Even games that weren't theirs.

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Here's some of the Trump patterns, if you're curious:

Antifa also uploaded a bunch of patterns related to killing cops. There's no shortage of political stuff in Animal Crossing.
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How much of a fucking manchild do you have to be to have a presidential campaign in Animal Crossing? This just shows how infantile leftists are. If Trump did something like this, I might think about not voting for him (with a good attitude).
If Trump got into Animal Crossing maybe it'd filter out the fans better?

"Oh nuh orange man bad is paying in animal crossing :( time to #cancle animal crossing cause hes gonna kill me in-game irl"

Edit: You can report designs, that's what I been doing. acab and its ilk fall under hate speech, trans rights and all the lgbtqegrftduksjfg flags/designs can be reported as disclosing personal information.


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To be honest I'm surprised Nintendo Treehouse, responsible for the localization of Nintendo IP into the US, which is based in Seattle, Washington with Nintendo of America, hasn't tried to push banning political (especially conservative) messages in AC. I guess Nintendo Japan is still tard wrangling the US offices enough. Though it's more likely that it'd technically put them in jurisdiction over moderation of AC in Japan because you can go to any town you want in the world as far as I know. Though to be honest I'm not well versed in how Nintendo treats their online other than it being mostly garbage, and the fact they've given up on making social media apps in general since moderation is a nightmare. Just look at how Miiverse went.

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but without derailing the Animal Crossing general thread:

Nintendo bans brands from using Animal Crossing: New Horizons for politics​

Nintendo Switch blockbuster Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a hub for brands and businesses to attract new customers, stage campaigns, and even hold protests.

But, after seeing the game used so prominently, Nintendo has now issued a formal set of guidelines for businesses and organisations, which notably includes the line: "Please also refrain from bringing politics into the game."

The announcement of these guidelines - and that political line in particular - comes just weeks after the US election, in which the Biden campaign used Animal Crossing to release virtual yard signs and host an island with information on his campaign and details on how to vote.

"We deeply appreciate that so many people around the world are having fun with Animal Crossing: New Horizons (the Game) for Nintendo Switch. Thank you for your support and for helping us build such a wonderful community," Nintendo's guidelines begin.

"While our services and products are generally for personal use only, we understand there may be situations in which businesses and organisations would like to use or reference the Game in relation to their business. As such, we would like to share a few guidelines with those businesses, organisations, and anyone representing them, to preserve the experience for the millions of people enjoying the Game recreationally.

"If we see your activity is not following these guidelines or is damaging or having bad influence on the community, we may ask you to stop such activity or usage of our contents, and take appropriate actions, including prohibiting your future business usage of the Game."

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The guidelines give the green light to providing custom designs and island Dream Addresses, inviting other players, plus uploading pictures and videos to "family-friendly websites and social networks".

But the guidelines also say businesses and organisations should stick to content and activities that align with the game's family-friendly age-rating, avoid anything discriminatory or offensive, and not use it to make money.

And then there's also the line about politics. What will Nintendo deem to be political? Do social causes also qualify? And can this ever really be enforced - are these guidelines simply a tool to remove problem cases which are clearly offensive?

It's also worth remembering these guidelines relate only to businesses and organisations, rather than personal use. Earlier this year, New Horizons was banned in China after it became a haven for Hong Kong protesters. Players used it to host pro-Hong Kong signs and share designs for anti-Chinese protest clothing. You'd think Nintendo's guidelines wouldn't cover these players acting individually - but we'll have to see if and when Nintendo enforces its rules in the future.

So Nintendo doesn't want politics in their game. Let's see how universal will this go.

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Animal Crossing (and its community) needs to stop injecting politics in a children's game.

Now if somebody makes a Trump 2020 island in Animal Crossing and THAT gets pulled or hate, then Nintendo will have to enforce the rest of these political user generated content.
Glad Nintendo followed my advice.

Now let's see how universal this would become.