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After more than a year of promising this video to his followers, MrEnter finally released his Mars Needs Moms video which had been a perk on Patreon too, but ZippCast is one of the biggest pieces of shit streaming websites I've encountered, so the video's barely watchable because of all the traffic it's getting right now. Sometimes Enter does post audio versions of these reviews on YouTube to avoid copyright issues and when ZippCast doesn't work.

I'm at around 3:50 right now and taking some breaks along the way.

I'll admit I laughed at the part (I believe at exactly the three minute mark) where he raged out of nowhere. He also had a good point with the subtitles.
But goddamn he talks way too fast, I can barely keep up with what the hell he's saying. Much faster than his regular reviews even. You'd think if he had more then a year of working on this it'd be better quality.
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I caught the first bullshit point around 4:44 where he whines about a scene being "too mean spirited", when in reality I've seen scenes like that in so many other movies. Come on MrEnter, it's not like that shit hasn't been done before so many times!

Update: He calls the kid "mean-spirited" at exactly the 5 minute mark. What the hell? "Angsty" would have been a much better term.

I also love how he bitches about alien technology that isn't being explained. Key word: alien. Alien tech isn't necessarily going to be explained you know, but that should be basic knowledge.

Update: He thinks it's weird for kids to panic when lights have been turned off. That's common fucking knowledge. When lights get turned off and kids don't know where they are, what kid wouldn't panic?

Update 2: He complains about him thinking the aliens are zombies and calls it a "stupid scene" when in reality it actually makes sense in the situation.

Update 3: He complains about an unexplained earthquake. When are earthquakes ever explained? That's some of the most stupid logic I've ever heard.

Update 4: Immediately after he complains about him having to rescue his mother and him not doing other things. Too bad he's forgetting that the plot is getting started and he isn't aware where his mother is at all. How the hell does he expect this to work?

Update 5: He says that the target audience is "too old to believe in the stork but too young to believe in reproduction" as a complaint for how the aliens are born, but he seems to forget the aliens are aliens, and aliens are a different species, and reproduce differently than humans.
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He also complains how characters using outdated slang is awkward and annoying, but there there's at least some backstory to it. How else are they supposed to do it? Entard, you didn't provide that. Also, enlighten me how it's supposed to be "endearing".

Honestly I'm entering the really spergy part now so I'm probably not going to continue pointing out flaws. Since they'd be pretty self explanatory. Although I've been waiting for this review for quite some time, back when I was an Enterbot, so this is one of the rare occasions when I'm going to finish watching it, just because I've been waiting so long.

But one more thing I noticed is when Entard said Milo lost his fascination with zombies when he got to Mars, he actually had a scene about him thinking the martians were zombies on Mars. I can't believe he didn't think that over.
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Haven't watched too far into it yet because ZippCast loads at a snail's pace. But here's my thoughts so far:

The whole lack of subtitle thing could just simply be a way to convey a sense of mystery to the audience. I mean, they ARE aliens that don't really interact with humans beyond monitoring and kidnapping. With something like Star Wars, I feel the inclusion of subtitles works there as it's already an established society where humans and aliens co-exist.

Also, does he really think kids will be scared into thinking that they have to disobey their parents so the aliens from a fictional movie won't abduct them? Does he really think kids are THAT dumb?
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I can tell Enter never paid attention in school because he doesn't understand why the aliens can't breathe on their own planet. Mars is a dead planet. There were oceans there once, possibly even life - life which would have evolved to breathe the oxygen that was present at the time. That's probably why these aliens now live under ground and need masks to breath.

I also get the impression he doesn't understand that gravity is lower on Mars. Either that or he's being sarcastic for no goddamn reason.

He also doesn't realize that Mars Needs Moms is based off of a children's book titled Mars Needs Moms. Even the Nostalgia Critic researches movies before he reviews them. Hell, the Blockbuster Buster actually went out, found this book, and read or at least flipped through it before he did his review because he makes numerous references to the source material.

The worst part of this review, by far, is how Enter gets more and more angry as it goes on. Lots of reviewers do a similar shtick but they do it for a laugh. It's a joke. Enter is genuinely pissed the fuck off at this movie. That in itself should be funny. Instead, it's just uncomfortable. It's like walking through the park and seeing a homeless man yelling at a tree.
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Well, judging by how whiny Entard is sounding - I'm not watching this. Then again, everyone knows this movie is bad, at least IMHO... Why add another unnecessary voice to the wind?
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I can barely make it through the video, because the site is so shitty.
And the review is just Mr. Enter complaining about small things and raging every 2 minutes. It should be uncomfortable, but it's actually pretty hilarious how much he's getting worked up over a crappy animated movie.

This video is unwatchable. He's expecting people to sit through almost a half-hour of him complaining about a bad movie. It's like when James Rolfe made people sit through an entire (purposefully?) bad movie before he would allow them to watch his review of ET.

His voice seems a little different. Or is that just me?
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