Animated Atrocities Animated Atrocities #85 "Numbers Game" -


Yeah this is unfortunately actually a competent review for the most part. There's not much to comment on. It's pointless, not fun to watch, but if this were his standard quality I'd just find him boring, not so bad he's good.

I had a severe cringe-gasm when the little girl voice came on at 8:50 . It was worse than the episode of Captain Planet itself. Considering Enter has no appreciation for absurd/surreal humor he definitely thought it was a seriously cool idea to put in and that does amuse me somewhat.

Otherwise this episode is boring and not worth it from a lolcow watching perspective in my opinion.


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The girl is Kimberly Renee Hayward, who voices Linda in Growing Around. The Matei voice is Nick Sohan, I think he voices Robert but I'm not sure.
So, is Enter NCfying himself?
With additional "humor",voices etc

Piga Dgrifm

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Huh. Sounds more like Sally. I stand corrected.

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