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Don't let those eyelashes fool you.
They take everything so seriously. Like how rocks are flat on the ground. Seriously? And how the dragon was mean to the pink one by standing on her home on a map.
Maybe they're trying to pull off cynical humor or something?


Turns out Jame's didn't create the characters without them knowing, as it's based on internet friends;
posting here in case it's in the video, because that will be a refutable point.
"This was the first time I visited one of my internet friends, let alone 2 of them. I hopefully plan on visiting the rest of the cast of "Seniors", that is if the entire female cast, including Natalie, Carole, Minnie, and Arthur, will allow me to."

This doesn't change the other example someone posted though, we're he stated he created the fetish art without his friend's consent.

El Rodrigo

...what the fuck is the poster below me doing?
I told Abomdosnow to set the video to private for now, because I could see James' fans believing that that was the video I was "hyping up," as opposed to the more formal analysis I premiered in my most recent stream. I'm adding a few more details to the video from events that have taken place since then, such as the Twitter feud and now this post he made about me, mariotehplumber, and Abomdosnow on his website, so that's why the video is taking longer to be uploaded than I said it would.

I want to make sure that the video is irrefutable in every way possible. It needs to be good enough to the point where even James' blind fanboys receive a wake-up call and realize that James' actions on the internet are completely ridiculous and abhorrent. Nobody can look past the fact that a 22-year-old man is dating a 16-year-old girl and how wrong that is, nor can they look past the various subtle hints to his fetish(es) included in his wildly popular "Sonic VS MLP" series, such as when Tails receives a needless prostate exam from a unicorn, and Amy pulling herself out of a pony's anus only to be covered in a layer of liquid shit.

If anybody has any ideas as to what else I should cover that I haven't already covered in the video (which you can see via my Twitch channel's past broadcasts/highlights), please feel free to let me know. I appreciate all of your help, and I'm very glad to be apart of this community. Very rarely is it seen that people are able to pick up on autistic behavior like what James Barkley, Mr. Enter, Dr. Wolf, etc. have showcased.

Oh darn, I rather got a good laugh out of that video, I was actually pretending that Chris Farley's ghost was watching it and yelling in rage.
I don't suppose you got an alternate link to it, do you?

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