Anime is gay, except one show -

Anime... is the worst. Because unlike furries or bronies one can see the bullshit from far away. Where as Anime tricks you.

If you like a show,there is probably some LGBT liberal faggot, waiting somewhere to write how it represents them
Example is this opening "animation art is good, the art itself is bad" but its not badly made opening. And then some liberal LGBT spazz had to comment -_-

But i found one. One anime they cant ruin.
Kill la Kill. Because its edgy. I found out the reason Liberal LGBT ruins shows is because its cuddly or sensitive. But they hate edgy culture or macho culture.
So they cant touch or ruin this no matter how hard they try
If you own Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto.... Throw them all out. This is the only Anime you need.

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Liberal influence makes one gay, even if its straight porn. If Liberal culture gropes you backways to their mentality, that makes you gay.

But opposite sex is pretty straight
There's nothing liberal about Najica Blitz Tactics or at least modern liberal, feminists would call it for entirely being about the "male gaze"


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