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Taking this from the Weeb Wars thread. Not sure if it paints a picture. From @Pedro Sanchez
A bunch of ANN people and his friends on Twitter were all talking about how you should check up on people in quarentine and how it can drive some people into this last night. I figured someone killed themselves but didn't know who until I saw the ANN article and then it all clicked.

I'm not surprised. I won't cheer or dance on his grave like he did for TotalBiscuit, but I'll just say I'm not surprised. The guy came off so damn bitter all the time and hateful of everything it seemed like he was stuck in a job and hobby he grew to hate and had so much resentment for the industry. I guess JesuOtaku leaving him was one of the breaking points and then he had to sit at home for a few months was the last straw.

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Something to the thing of "TB hurt a lot of people by supporting GamerGate, he wont be able to hurt anyone ever again now" or some similar shit.
Further proof that there should never be any pity shown to the emotionally unstable manchildren who make up the edgewoke media goon sphere.

They want to play with edgelord fire for clout and coochie, they have zero right to whine about people setting them aflame

LOL a lot of Zac's middle-aged Twitter friends are chimping out and reporting anything critical of him. Probably out of a combination of shock and fear that they themselves could be next since their also fat aging worthless losers.
But gloating over TotalBiscuit's death? That was a-okay. Seriously, these failed living things have no right to bitch about someone gloating his death when Zac was jumping cartwheels over TotalBiscuit's death from cancer.

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I'm not a guy that knows how to deal with death. Condolences to his friends and family. On the other hand

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The irony of all that word salad on his memoriam trying to paint him as this heroic saviour for progressive causes and that he ironically gave off a child-like mentality. He was a man-child LMFAO.

ANN said:
Beyond all this, Zac was a good man who also cared deeply about making the world a better place.
Better for himself and his posse.
ANN said:
He was an advocate who worked tirelessly for progressive causes that he believed would make the world a happier, more accepting place for everyone, especially those who most needed to be defended, understood, or just listened to.
Pretty sure shitting on someone with cancer remains unacceptable but hey whatever. We're plebs who don't know any better.
ANN said:
Before all else, Zac would drop everything to lend an ear for hours to those who were hurting.
Right... show us the photos of him visiting sickly hospital patients, bruh.