Anime openings and closings you really like - aka "weeb out about your weeby anime music"


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I like the happy opening song of the grimdark anime Gilgamesh.

The 80s mix is just amazing.

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My favorite op songs rn

Ed songs



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So I just recently got into One Punch Man, and the intro (and the show itself) is awesome:

As for anime closing, the first one for D.Gray-man is my personal favorite:

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The best anime opening songs of all time are Inner Unverse from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex season a, for just being a sweeping, operatic, epic song and Tell Me Why By Penpals from the original Berserk anime series. You wouldnt think a low-if punk song about not knowing one’s direction or place in life would go with a shockingly graphic and violent series about medieval mercenaries, but it actually fits Gats’ mindset in the series perfectly.


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With Code Geass and Kill la Kill, I liked the second opening more than the first:
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Some classics here, but I'm surprised by some of the stuff that's missing.

Geez, nobody has put anything from Tenchu Muyo yet? Whatever you might think of the show, the original OVA opening is absolutely spectacular. That combination of modern funkiness and traditional Asian music is just 👌

That's definitely my favorite, but the franchise had some other really standout tracks too, that are the soundtrack of pure happiness. The Tenchi Universe OP is so catchy and sticks in your head so much it should qualify as an illegal substance.

Or you can have it in hilariously mangled English if you prefer. Still just as insanely catchy and much easier for non-Japs to sing along to!

Another insanely catchy song, the second OVA's opening, this is a rare one I actually prefer the English version of, although if you're some kind of weeb purist the Japanese version is fine.

On a different note, Gunsmith Cats' underrated opening, Bulletproof!, which heavily inspired the much more famous OP for Cowboy Bebop, Tank!, right down to the visuals.


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Hands down

Followed by

And of course my favourite ending song

Shit, I've outed myself.
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I don't know why everyone hated CG's second OP. Everyone watching the fansubs as it came out was like "OMG annoying nails-on-chalkboard female vocalist!" and I was just sitting there like, "Holy shit, it's bizarro-world Japanese Incubus!"


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Remember staying up to watch this at 4am on Adult Swim when I was 9-10 years old.

Very nostalgiac.

Waking up early to catch the latest episode of Inuyasha before school is one of those experiences that will never be duplicated in today's world with easy access to media via streaming and the Internet.

Death Note OP 2
I can't tell if this is meant to be cool and badass or its meant to be tongue-in-cheek with how absurd the show was at times. Either way Ryuk dancing with his apple is great.
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One Punch Man's first opening got mentioned already? K, good.
Hunter X Hunter's closer for... S1? S2? Don't remember. Whatever.
Closer for the Egypt arc of JJBA Stardust Crusaders. Surprisingly emotional for JJBA, and kind of fitting given how it wraps up.