Anime openings and closings you really like - aka "weeb out about your weeby anime music"

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Going to technically cheat, but Legend of Black Heaven's Op is pretty great.

Obligatory choices.

Fate Zero 1st Op

Welcome to the NHK Op and Ed 1

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That's so fetch!
Let's see

These are the ones I can find at the top of my playlist, I have so many more...


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I would list basically the whole discography of the original Naruto OPs, but that'll take too long and other human beings can only stand my nostalgia for so long, so I'll pick just one.

This theme brings back childhood memories.

This one I enjoy because it's very quiet and really speaks to the Celtic/Anglo-Saxon I have in me.

And these because of my background in Choir means I am a sucker for any song that just sticks Latin chanting in for no reason in absolutely any piece of music.

And I absolutely LOVE this ED to death


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One of my biggest childhood shows

Get ready to hop on the feels train

I wish I was the one who wrote this song:

This one always makes me want to go out and do something inspiring:

Hajime no Ippo also has some god tier openings:

Muh boi Amuro needs some cheering up

The ideal song to make you binge watch a series

Weird but good

high school girls have it rough

case and point


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Despite not being as good as the first series, Hokuto No Ken 2 had a really kick ass opening

Edit: Someone else beat me to it, oh well, time to post some Mecha anime Openings then

Starting with my favorite mecha anime ever

I'm still upset that Mazinkaiser SKL didn't have more OVAs
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In my opinion you cant beat a classic, and what can be more classic than the legendary Seinfeld anime Intro?

(yes I know this oldmeme is pure cancer. blow me i still like it)

Ok now we got that out the way, honestly im not that big a weeb since there is only like a half dozen anime I have ever properly watched and liked (Berserk, Madoka, FMA Brotherhood, Dragonball, Made in Abyss) so im just gonna draw a few examples from them and give reasons.

Ok this is literally only for nostalgia sakes. the ocean dub sucked balls and everybody knows it, but this was my first anime and this is literally the first anime intro i ever saw so it gets a point for fond memories before I developed a sense of cringe

Out of all the anime I have ever watched and liked, FMA brotherhood is the only one that was lucky enough to have a proper and satisfying conclusion with Made in Abyss still just beginning, Dragonball still lookin like its gonna keep on going, Madoka seemingly dead after Rebellion (goddamn it Homura *sigh* ) and the Berserk anime (GODFUCKINGDAMNIT GRIFFITH)...hoooboy we will get to that. Of all its intros, this one is the one I remember most and thus its my entry for that animee.

Putting these two together for one simple reason. They prepare your expectations (i.e. a cute magical girl anime/awesome fantasy adventure) for the axeblow to come. In case you havent seen them I wont spoil anything, but these intros and the lyrics/visuals respectively become all the more relevent once you watch the series and know the subtext.

Yeaaaaaaah....again not gonna spoil shit and this outro is as generic and uninteresting as it gets, but what it represents is nothing short of the first time I was straight up stabbed in the heart by a storyline which was then compounded by the storyline immediately ending and leaving me...9 years old and with no internet at the time...with no way of seeing it resolved in any way shape or form, thus leaving me thinking that what had been my favourite animated series ever had ended in the most soulcrushingly sad and cruel and rage inducing way possible. I waited for literally 6 years before i could get a continuation of the story in manga form, and even to this day nearly 20 years after seeing this outro for the first time I am still completely hooked to the point where the manga's massive plot development earlier this year might have had me slightly misty eyed.
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Really dynamic song, love all the rhythm changes:

Overall I like the Universal Tournament arc quite a bit, faults and all:

I can't choose between JOJO's openings, they're all so... well, OP...

One of the most underrated recent shows IMO (the hilarious Engrish only makes the song better):

While technically not an Anime, Transformers Animated got an awesome new opening for its Japanese broadcast featuring the hype machine of a band known as JAM Project:

For comparison, here's the yawn-inducing original intro:

Finally a few more endings:

The waifu vibes are strong in this one:

Anyone else remember this one? It had friggin' Niki Lauda in it:

Can't remember if this Anime was actually good, but I always liked its sad sounding outro:
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Attack on Titan OP 1 and 2
Pretty much every JoJo op but Sono Chi No Sadame and End of The World. I really like the Boingo Brothers closing theme for some reason.

18if's op is pretty good too.

I don't watch much anime though so my list is pretty normie.
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Xerxes IX

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Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc might not have lived up to fans' expectations in the story it wanted to tell but fuck if the OP didn't set some of those expectations itself.


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