Snowflake Anisa Jomha / @anisajomha / "iDubbbz's Girlfriend" - Melodramatic ex-titty streamer with a secret love boner for Chris Ray Gun.

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(Not too long ago, I posted in the "Thread Request" thread about a particular streamer named Anisa. Because of a combination of laziness, not caring that much about Anisa, and the female-wizchan counterpart site "lolcow.farms" making over 10 threads about her. But after the user j666 showed me a video from the channel "Pear Fax", it compelled me to actually make a detailed thread about her).

Meet Anisa. An ex-titty streamer who has a "secret" love boner for Chris Ray Gun and a terrible tendency to talk shit for seemingly petty and downright dumb reasons. You may recognize her if you follow the internet personality "iDubbbz". That's because she's actually Ian's girlfriend. That's right, Ian has fell in love with this talentless harpy. She was also featured on Kotaku (for some odd reason). There a multitude of reasons why she's a lolcow. From her being a total bitch and talking shit about people for (once again) petty reasons, to her being pretty creepy when it comes to her obsession with Chris Ray Gun.

I. 24/7 Shit-Talking

If there's one thing that I've learned throughout my time on the internet is that shit-talking is an inevitability. Now, I don't really have a problem with shit-talking myself. The only time I "draw the line" is when it comes to talking shit about people who are close to you. And that's what she did with a particular person. But I'll get into that soon enough.

One thing you need to know about Anisa is that she has a terrible tendency to talk shit about other people for little to no reasoning behind it (or just generally petty reasons). An example of this is when she mentions Pyrocynical and when one of her donators mentions his newest video about titty streamers on Twitch.

Another example is the drama between her and another internet personality named "Ice Poseidon". This drama became semi huge and it ended up with Keemstar picking up on this drama.

(kinda ironic how she's ragging on Ice Poseidon for his shitty content when her content is just as worse as his)

Now this part is what really pisses me off. Around August of 2017, she was talking a boatload of shit behind Ian's back on her Discord server. Mentioning how he's a man-child who consistently burps, doesn't clean up his room, and focusing his time on work rather than her. Because y'know, fuck Ian for actually taking his time to make good videos on Youtube am I right?

There are also a lot of instances of her talking shit about others in this video.

II. Love for a Manlet

Another thing you should know is that Anisa has feelings for another YouTube personality known as "Chris Ray Gun". Her love for Chris is so strong that she made Ian dye his hair the same color as Chris'. Now you're probably thinking that it's just a crazy coincidence, correct? I completely agree. It's such a crazy coincidence. I'm pretty sure they're just friends (or at least used to be friends).

Let's just take a look at some of the tweets that she has made relating to Chris just to prove to those nasty trolls that she doesn't have some kind of romantic feelings for Chris.

All sarcasm aside, it's clear that she may have some kind of romantic interest in Chris. Of course, this isn't complete evidence that she did this. The only thing that I can find is that awhile after Chris and Laci started dating, there was a fallout between Chris and Laci. The reasoning for it is pretty vague and not even Anisa knows the reason why. If you look at the trash talking compilation video that I linked, she talks about Chris and the entire drama.

Maybe I'm wrong on this. But who knows what goes through the mind of an ex-titty streamer when they act like complete morons. And just to be clear, Ian and Anisa started dating around late 2016.

III. Conclusion

There's a lot to be said about Anisa. She's a bitch, she potentially had feelings for someone while she was in a relationship with another person, she's fairly uninteresting, she's not talented. But if there's one thing that we can take away from this thread (and Anisa as a person) is that you should never date a titty streamer. Or else you're most likely gonna get the short end of the stick.

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It must be a sad and meager life for her to live off of the fame of her more talented boyfriend, just so she can have the audacity to rant and make petty remarks about him (on stream no less!), while urging him to be like another eceleb that she doesn't have.

It's obvious that the only reason she and her content receives that much attention now is because of her relationship to Ian. After all, there are only so many ways you can stick out of the crowd when your shtick lies in exposing yourself on stream to thirsty losers just like hundreds of other "streamers".
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