Snowflake Anisa Jomha / @anisajomha / "iDubbbz's Girlfriend" - Melodramatic ex-titty streamer with a secret love boner for Chris Ray Gun.

>>Anisa's Creepy Obsession With an Idubbbz Fan
Old tea but a great example of how possessive and jealous Anisa gets. Out of respect, I won't reveal the fan's face/username but I'll be abbreviating her with the name Tea. (If you really want to know who it is check old lolcow threads)

Anisa suddenly cut her hair short, changed clothing style, and kept talking about how cute and small asian girls were. Nobody put the connection together until they dug through Anisa's twitter and found she was liking tweets/talking to a girl named Tea. Tea had short hair, was petite, and half asian. Tea followed Anisa, but Anisa would NOT follow Tea on twitter but kept interacting with her, basically she was stalking her social media. Anisa went as far as to copy Tea's typing mannerisms and started using "smol bean" constantly.

✅Same Haircut
✅Same Make up/brows
✅Same blue over shirt
✅Same Ripped Jeans
This immediately started happening after Ian liked tweets from Tea on a frequent basis, even idubbbz/anisa's fangirls were aware of something going on and subtweeted. The same time Ian was liking her tweets, Anisa was sperging on her discord about how insecure she was and that she felt Ian was going to break up with her.(see leaked discord chats)

If you go through Tea's twitter, she and idubbbz were mutuals years before he became famous with Content Cop.

During this period, Anisa cried on stream about how she felt ugly, looked like Lord Farquad, and missed her long hair. When her chat told her to grow it out/get extensions, her excuse was "Ian likes girls with short hair"
Anisa saying in text confirming Idubbbz' short hair fetish.

Anisa also tweeted to her followers if she should keep her short hair or not and lowkey Tea shaded her.


Tea strikes back

Tea liked the above tweet. Tea was brought up on threads before in passing but it never went anywhere.

Very suddenly out of nowhere Tea posted the above tweet and posted to lolcow.

Anon's speculate Anisa and her mom were lurking the lolcow threads and Anisa DM'd Tea about how insecure she was when Tea was brought up as the better idubbbz girlfriend, leading to Tea white knighting Anisa.

As of 2019, Tea and Anisa no longer follow eachother.
Idubbbz is still following the Tea on twitter and her private instagram.


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True & Honest Fan
In an unprecedented power move, Idubbbz has made his girlfriend dye her hair and cosplay Tana Mongeau.
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Full Set Here:
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First a random fan, now tana mongeese, who will Anisa chameleon herself into next to satisfy Idubbbz current fetish
this is beautiful. first ian cosplays chris ray gun, and now this. they're a skinwalking power couple lol.
"a fucking bra. nothing else." absolutely priceless.

Mulberry Tree
So many of these female internet personalities trying to paint themselves as the "cool girl" that NEVER gets jealous or possessive of their partner. It's not about her feeling threatened y'all! In fact she loves and supports other women so much that she straight up copies their style to show how much she admires them!! Totally not because of a persistent identity disturbance brought on by the fear of abandonment.


Here for the drama
Ex Muslim Anisa Jomha Idubbbz Girlfriend Full Nudes
I see you on here pull and lolcow (you type like a crackhead it's really hard to miss), reposting the same stuff about this girl and I just have to ask, what is your whole deal here? You make it hard to care about any actual tard cum from this girl because every time I see anything about her bumped it's just you vendetta posting, why?


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At least she doesn't look like Mr. Potatohead anymore. Also why take nudes in a messy room?