Trainwreck Anisa Riyadh Jomha / @anisajomha & iDubbbz / Ian Kane Washburn / Ian Kane Jomha / "Anisa's husband" - Anisa posting her bald nudes on OnlyFans even when married to Ian and romancing Chris Ray Gun while her husband iDubbbz the Content Cuck/Simp/etc. watches

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Mr Moonface

Not fat by any medical standard, child.
There is not one person in this thread who would do what Ian's doing. It's amazing how it's just universally known that you shouldn't tolerate this kind of shit from your girlfriend. :story: And yet iDubbbz will do this. lol.
At this point I'm pretty sure he's doing it for the usual lolcow reason, to 'own the haters'. What a dunce.


phantom feminized testicles
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Some people sure aren't mincing any words :story:
'Who doesn't love a hot and steamy shower'
Goddamn, bitch, YOU apparently.

This looks like a photo you'd see in a documentary with a voiceover along the lines of 'less than 24 hours after taking this photo, 42 people would be dead and she'd be barricaded inside the elementary school in a standoff with the SWAT team'.

Gay Mouth

Chantal’s neck, Bibi’s conscience
Is a smile too much to ask? Why does she have that same "hold it till the picture is taken" face every fucking time lmao
I don’t think she likes her smile. Her cheeks are chubby, she has nasolabial lines when she smiles, her eyes squinch up and look small and her teeth are weird. She’s complained about a few of these features before. She will pull a LeLe Pons “aren’t I funny laugh face” with her eyebrows together. Kinda like a female soyface.

fun fact about Post Malone, he was following both Anisa and Idubbbz on instagram. When the onlyfans drama happened he unfollowed both of them immediately. I guess idubbbz was hurt by that, so he unfollowed Post too.
Post sure does know who to distance himself from. Seems that he doesn't fuck with H3H3 at all anymore either. I don't think it's because Post got too big, it's because H3 and Idubz got too big for their own heads.

The set where Anisa proclaimed she wanted to “fuck herself” has dropped
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My first thought was, "Imagine being their neighbour, walking outside, and seeing that?" But... it's Seattle. It's just another normal day in the neighbourhood.

No cohesive theme, she looks dead inside per usual, and it's Photoshopped to shit. Another classic Anisa set.