Anita Sarkeesian Megathread - KIA 2.0

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Very naughty girl
Anita Sarkeesian tweeted Jun 15th 2019:
Hey @CDPROJEKTRED, I'm always available for consulting cause it sure sounds like you might need it before the whole of the internet drags you for what sounds like some potentially sexist representations... which we all know you've struggled with in the past 😬
What a cunt. Trying to extort "consulting fees" to appease the progressive cultural marxist hivemind!

Chin of Campbell

The Coming Chin
This isn't news unless they take "her" up on it. And they won't.
Really hoping the "no such thing as bad publicity" saying turns to be true and the game ends up being a hit without changing anything. It would be a much needed middle finger to these people.
Twitter whiners are a very small and loud minority. Simply ignoring them is usually the best option, because they aren't going to make any real difference with people who actually want to play your game.
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