Ann Doran leaks voice conversations between Amberlynn and Norma Jean. -

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My assumption about the “kicked out for being gay” thing is that no one’s being honest and also that it wasn’t as bad as Becky says. Teenagers who are literally kicked out to live on the street for their sexuality usually don’t reestablish a close relationship with their parents. If they do, they don’t willingly spend that much time with their family, especially when they’ve continued saying nasty shit about their sexuality. Becky has had friends for at least several years and she’s had a partner who financially supports her for a few years, she doesn’t need her family for social and financial support. It’s just suspicious to me.

I have no idea what “rules” Norma would have kicked her out over. I feel like someone would have said so if she was cooking meth in her room or was violent or something major like that. Either Becky was kicked out for being lazy (maybe the “rule” was that kids who are old enough have to work or go to school and Becky refused), or she was kicked out for some gay-related rule. Maybe Becky was told she can’t have a gf spend the night or something. Maybe Norma decided Becky should just try harder and stop being gay and kicked her out because she didn’t, but that raises the question of why Becky and her family wouldn’t have cut or reduced contact with each other. It’s just bizarre and shitty all around.


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I can't stop laughing.

I thought Amber was just saying "situation" repeatedly in her videos last year to troll us, and yet now I see she was saying it repeatedly to Norma as well. I don't know why I find this so incredibly hilarious, but I do.

And really, if there was any question left as to whether Becky is just some poor victim of mean old NarcLynn who just can't manage to make her escape, this should put it to rest. They deserve each other 100%.

Also, while we know Becky's nephew died, we might want to reconsider whether we believe Becky actually feels to blame for it, or whether she tried to off herself afterward. She's a lazy grifting liar.

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So I just took a peek over at the Amber Subreddit and a link to this Twitter post was under the Norma video (censoring done by whoever FayVirgo is):
View attachment 1741804View attachment 1741806
I have no idea of the veracity of this, or what (if any) this person's connection is to any of this, but she also posted the leaked Amber/Norma convo on her Twatter.
I'm definitely taking this with a giant grain of salt Mrs. Dash Seasoneens but "I've got eyes places you can't imagine" is very on-brand for our favorite Thumb-Butler, so figured it was worth documenting.

ETA: For @Angel Dust and those interested: I don't know what Amber subs are still active, but the one I found is OrangeChickenGorls
I'm sure Becky didn't change her fb profile picture until her mom died. Why would she say mom said if this is leaked she's done with you.


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I'm also a little confused by the timeline here. According to these messages, it sounds like Norma and new husband (name escapes me) were the ones paying the bills and setting the rules, so wouldn't Becky have been an adult by then anyway? She knew her future stepsister from work, didn't she? So throwing her out for whatever reason might have been harsh, but it's not like she was a kid. Or was she thrown out before then? Maybe @Frazzlecakes could help with this. I could just have it all bassackwards, I dunno. It's been a while.

Anyway. I remain skeptical that everything was great until she came out of the closet, and that her being gay was all it took to put her out of the house. That's all.

The "Toss the Thumb" drama happened when Thumby was in high school. Later, well after high school, she did have a crush on Jerry's daughter when they bolth worked at the same place (I think the cabinet manufacturing place) where Thumby carted wood around. Then Thumb turned on the daughter and became mean and vindictive. Thumby dumped that job a soon as Al would take over cash cow duties. So yeah, a lazy, grifting, asshole.

Was searching for that myself earlier today. I got you, check JC day 3. Just the screenshot, I can't find more. Great catch, Tramadol nights.View attachment 1741711View attachment 1741713
ETA she's travelling and socializing during a pandemic, I'm guessing that's the reason for the backlash.
I can't visit/see my family, due to covid, and our country has very little covid cases in comparison to some of the unfortunately affected states. It's playing out very differently, depending on where you live.
Holy shit what the fuckity fuck. She wore those lashes out in public, around people!? Here I thought she was wearing those for videos only, to look as absurd as possible for those December Adsense coins. Delusionlynn is next to Smugcuntlynn


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I suppose Necky can look worse, but this definitely does make her look worse. Either Necky has no idea or she is just that enamoured with Hamber's money- enough to just.. stay out of the drama. Not defend her mom (or wake up to how much a narc Hamber is.) Necky lovers (why are there so many lately??) will remain blind, deaf, and dumb.

Hate Equally 2020.

But, man, if Hamber was worried about negative attention to her channel then.. Ann definitely is having a laugh now. She knows exactly what she's doing.

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In response to a general inquiry for opinions, here's my take on the whole "kicked out because... rules" scenario. I've been guilty of assuming it's about some aspect of Becky being gay... lazy ASSumption on my part. All we have on that is what Becky said; without confirmation or other story from Norma. Would Amber entirely believe that? I don't think she would if she really examined that notion, especially in light of what she's observed for herself since she met Becky & moved in with her. Along the same lines, I doubt Becky would closely examine anything Amber told her about her past.

Both entered this relationship on the basis of need rather than want & as such, easier to gloss over pesky contradicting details. Many a couple are together not out of romantic love but out of mutual needs - not a thing wrong with that if the honesty level remains fairly high & sometimes, genuine love and respect grows over time. In the case of these 2, I see nothing other than growing, mutual contempt & both appear to be taking the easy way out. Change is hard, hard enough for anybody when a change is major but for Becky & Amber, real change is something from which they both run screaming unless they have no choice.

Maybe I'm way off but I see their 'relationship' as increasingly toxic. Any concern 1 has about the health of the other is based on fear of what might happen should the other not be there. Becky is now inextricably linked with a notorious online loser & any potential employer, should she feel the need to get a job, is going to look askance at her history & personality as portrayed on Amber's channel. If Becky goes, Amber has big problems. She may be able to find a new caregiver but the price she's going to end up paying is going to be far higher & far more soul sucking than the occasional graphic T & snapbacks.

Hopes the piggies are prepared to dance when that time comes.


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I'm sure Becky didn't change her fb profile picture until her mom died. Why would she say mom said if this is leaked she's done with you.
The reason the facebook profile photo is her current one is because Ann (or whom ever took the screenshot) probably just took a screenshot of it recently. The message is still from last year. Facebook/messenger only ever shows the current profile photo of someone. Even if you look at messages that are years old it will still be whatever the current profile photo is. Becky sent this 9/10/2019 while her mom was still alive.

So this is pretty interesting from an information front firstly this is one of the only audiofiles of Amber in her 8 years the others were message to Casey, Rafe's testament and Tammy's statements additionally a few smattering from Destiny "She was too much drama, confessional." Amber has continually made sure those around her have never leaked anything Rafe was the exception, I believe she paid Eric a few K to silence him. Honestly I think she gave him 10k to not post and reveal he is still in the house, a couple of k is too low when you think about the revenue made from leaking.

So time line from what I can establish - I have been in since Destiny era and think I have an idea what is going on.
so firstly Norma kicks out Becky as we know Norma did work and kicked her out because her leeching and doing nothing. The resentment of the Nephew killing probably did not help at all. Becky cried to Eric that Norma kicked her out because she is gay and thus tells Frazzlecake's daughter this too.

Becky gets job at sawmill BECAUSE Ricky says so or she is out. I honestly think Ricky and
Becky did not get along, Amber sealed it. Ricky and Becky never really interact at all.

Becky reaches out to Amber because she probably wants to get the grift coin and in fear of not affording rent.

Thanks Ann this was TEA but also filled in a lot of blanks as the Norma kicking Becky out because she is gay made no sense because if she hated it that much why would she communicate with her regularly.

Remember Amber has the quirk of demonising people that she does not get along with because she has to look the victim, was Norma not so nice probably not was she this hateful gay bashing woman. I don't think so.

The additional nugget from Norma ala beyond the grave was about Hannah and Rafe, Amber probably got back in contact with them because having just Becky around bored her and it was pre Destiny return. Always wondered what exactly happened there.

Also Becky confirming that Kiwifarms account is cute.


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Um, hello?! Does nobody remember Norma kicking @FrazzleCakes daughter out of Jerry's house after Norma moved in for being a lezbean??

Look, I dislike Becky just as much (if not more) then the next person, so I'm going out of my way to "take her side". The story all along has been that Norma kicked Becky out for being gay and Misty was the one who told Norma because Becky broke down out of guilt because she thought she jinxed the kid dead.

Wait, didn't Norma find some love notes to or from a girl in Becky's room? Or am I making that up. Whatever, Norma could have set some rules about Becky keeping her gayness on the DL and Becky broke them. Still, I consider that kicking Becky out for being gay.

Anyone remember Ann got iced out by the Williams clan when Norma was in the hospital when they realized Ann was unable to contribute financially? Lol, fucking griftin' since been griftin'

Attempted transcripts (Ann has recorded them backwards, because of course she has. I've typed them up in what seems to be chronological order, bear that in mind when watching/listening to the video):

From the second video: this is two from Norma and the start of ALR's replying.

We get some of ALR's reply although it doesn't seem like the start of this is included. There's a phone notif. that goes off and covers the sound at the start.

Then further from ALR (this is from the first video but sent after the others from what I can tell, it's sort of awkwardly played 1.5 times because of the... odd recording method lol):

Also imagine all of these sentences from ALR as even more run-on than I've written them, and full of valley-girl upticks at the end.

If anyone can help with missing parts or incorrect stuff please do!
thank you for the transcript as archived videos don’t seem to work for me for some reason.

I wonder who will be the first to make a shady tweet or even a video about this? I can almost feel Michaelbepetty’s grease stained fingers tapping away on his twitter.