Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg - Jesus Freak, orthorexic, creator of vegan food monstrosities.

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Anna Johnson - Jesus freak, "healthy living" anorexic, crazy person.
Age 21
Lynchburg, VA
Mom: Rev Nancy Johnson
Dad: Rev R. Bruce Johnson
Sister: Lydia Johnson

media links:
Anna's Organics website and blog
Her new instagram, creation_cutrition [dead]

A rather scary 'healthy living' blogging girl who has evolved over the years into severe orthorexia, has constant health issues that could be blamed on her overexercise and super weird diet, and yet has 1,000+ followers who seem to think her behavior is perfectly normal.

Here she gets into an argument over whether or not she has an eating disorder as she asks for reviews on zero-calorie sauce she does not need.

She's claimed to have an "allergy to fat" on multiple occasions giving her horrible migraines, excusing her use of things like powdered peanut butter, but she on other occasions will eat fats (that her eating disorder probably deems okay) and someone will call her out on it, and she'll be like "Oh haha avocado is so good I just dealt with the migraine :)"

She also wants to sell a cookbook. But her recipes on her blog are

I present to you, people of the Farms, raw vegan Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

1. One medium/large zucchini, chopped
2. 5 oz. celery (about 4 large sticks), chopped
3. 1 medium carrot, grated and chopped (or 6 baby carrots)
4. 1/4-1/2 tsp cinnamon
5. 15 drops liquid stevia
6. 1 cup almond milk"

"You will not BELIEVE how delish this bowl of yummy is. Don't let the veggies scare you--it tastes EXACTLY like that cinnamon toast crunch cereal from General Mills!"

And I just barfed in my mouth.
After being hauled home from college in Delaware at Easter 2016, where she was living off of calorie-free miracle noodles and zero-calorie 'sauces' from Walden Farms, Anna spent the next year, off and on, in the hospital with bouts of pancreatitis as she refused to take her prescribed pancreatic enzymes. Anna also came up with a whole new angle as to why she must eat bizarre diets that cause her to wear size 10 children's clothing: apparently now cured of her crippling POTS disease and rare allergy to fat and sugar, she claims to have a rare strain of Cystic Fibrosis which was only discovered when she was 20 (note for the gullible: this is not possible.)
By early 2017, Anna briefly gained adult independence, got her own apartment, got a job at her local health food store in Lynchburg (Health Nut Nutrition), and actually put some weight back on. She was looking better and way less lulzy through the spring of 2017. She launched Anna's Organics Lynchburg, a catering company dedicated to raw vegan foods that actually contained some calories and used small amounts of fat in the process, and tried to sell her new recipes individually.

Then, Anna disappeared from Health Nut's website and went radio silent from June onwards. It turned out she made another pivot, this time to her Creation Nutrition persona, where she will "counsel" you to eat nothing but fruit and veg juices for an hourly fee. She also pivoted the "Anna's Organic's" brand to be a a "future organic co-op and holistic health practice with a raw vegan cafe!" rather than a catering business. Although Lynchburg already has an organic foods co-op with a raw vegan cafe (her former employer, Health Nut Nutrition), Anna believes the market will bear a competitor, one where she will have full control over everything, and where people will come to her for medical advice and exercise training. She claims the store is set to open in the summer of 2018, and is currently soliciting $100,000 in startup costs via donations.

Between June and September, she lost her job at Health Nut, lost a ton of weight again, and her mother showed up on Anna's 21st birthday in September to haul Anna back home to live once more, as she clearly cannot be trusted to eat if she isn't supervised.

This plan backfired badly when by October, Anna declared that she needed a serious "detox", and began refusing all solid foods, claiming this was necessary for her health. Anna began by consuming nothing but grape juice for 40 days, and liked that so much that she keep right of "juice fasting" through early February. For 6 months, Anna refused all solid foods, despite still living under her mother's supervision.
Current News: last updated 02/2018
Anna has backed off her all juice and fruitarian 'detox' because she has no energy and feels like shit... and her solution to this is to drink lower calorie vegetable juices instead of "all that nasty sugar!", plus some low cal veg like cucumbers and celery for good measure. She's reported feeling too weak to make it to the bathroom, but she persists in drinking natural laxatives to "soothe the stomach". She can no longer make body heat well, as evidenced of all recent photos of her covered in pjs, robe, and blanket while indoors.

Contact Creation Nutrition for all your health needs today!

Anna announced on 2/14/18 that she plans on writing a second 'cookbook' of food abominations. She has rebranded her first cookbook and is selling it on her new website:

Here is a download link to the first cookbook, gaze into the abyss
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Ya know, when I first heard "orthorexia" ages ago, I just rolled my eyes and chalked it up as fat fucks making up a new term to throw at skinny people.

But seeing this now, I have a full understanding WHY the condition exists, and I am horrified.

Very few things I can see on her collection there look edible, and most of the edible stuff are basically the things where it's just veggies and yogurt in separate bowls. Also her psychotic smile she has in most of her pictures just makes everything else that much less appetizing, holy crap!

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If I remember correctly, on her blog she would post photos of daily meals but that stopped when people pointed out she was basically "reusing" food to give the impression that she was eating. So she would say she had a banana for breakfast, but in the pictures there would be the same banana getting progressively brown day by day. And all the photos she ever shares are very staged, very uneaten and sometimes pushed around like she's five and wants to show she ate a whole lot. Blogspot. Facebook, used back in October.

Unironic Subversiveness

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^She also mentions a general thyroid condition...which was totes cured by her veganism, guise. Her goal for going 1oo% raw vegan is to not have to take medications for her illnesses.

Also, found proof she still stages her food. Any food with bite marks all have the same, uniform look to them and anything in a bowl (salads, etc) is usually just stirred.


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It seems she's obsessed with super low calorie foods and eats practically no carbs at all. You could eat most of this stuff all day long and still be malnourished.

She'll probably end up another casualty of the feedback loop phenomenon where an absolute nutcase gets asspats and approval for hideously self destructive behavior.


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I'm weirded out because this woman looks exactly like a chick I knew in elementary school down to the smile. I'm actually really, really womdering if it's her
EDIT: it's not her, they have different names. The reason I was weirded out is because I wouldn't have predicted the chick I knew to devolve into this, she's even the right age to be her