Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg - Jesus Freak, orthorexic, creator of vegan food monstrosities.


I have to kill fast and bullets too slow
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Her body is nowhere close to being naturally built that skinny. It's actually very disturbing, because she looks like she's about to drop dead any minute. Compare her to someone who is naturally very thin, they do not look like a walking lollipop.
Gingers are fair skinned, but she looks pale in a sickly way, with a yellowish tinge as well. I wonder if she passes out on a regular basis?

Someone really needs to get through to her that her hippy vegan bullshit is killing her. Vegans in general don't realize that human beings are omnivores, and need both meat and plants to survive. We can't thrive on one or the other.
If you go vegan you need to take supplements and shit and carefully moniter your diet to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. Technically it's a viable way of life but it's certainly not a natural thing humans would have been doing when we were living in caves because you need to spend time consulting with doctors about how to stay healthy

Sczylak Madgar

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