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A Seagull

I'll shit on your wife's tits.
Bruh, that's literally her caption today.

You see, today instead of attending Earth Mom's church just one block from home, Anna pranced around the garden taking selfies as she danced for Jesus. If Earth Mom wont pay attention to her daily backyard recitals, then Daddy God will!
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I would say my post was divine inspiration but Anna is just that fucking predictable and insipid.

Burn Book
She doesn't even look like she's dancing, that pose is so bizarre, she just looks like an old woman with bad back struggling to pick something up. I can also see she's wearing that fucking eyeliner again (and I'm really curious why is she suddenly spotting it nearly every day). Also, really non-ana chan choice of a dress, combined with the pose and the background it gives her that "slightly overweight middle aged woman" look.


True & Honest Fan
Retired Staff
I just realised something. The pea soup. Last year Anna was claiming that she could not have peas (while still using pea protein in her slop recipes). Now suddenly pea soup is ok? Maybe because it isn't intact peas it's ok. But her lack of consistancy is hilarious here given all the restrictions she keeps claiming are necessary when they are not.
It's probably really disgusting coming out of the shitbag, and we know she goes out of her way to make that shit as disgusting as possible so she can make a mess with it to torture her mom.


Absolutely, 100% Merissa
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Earth Daddy glasses firmly in place, Anna tells us of her trials and travails this week! Woe is she, beset with so many feelings and doctors and opportunities... but will her BAD HEALTH get in the way??

She's attending a surgeon's appointment to get permission to skate (PSA: she doesn't need an appointment, she can just try and see if it works, way to waste your parents' cash), wait, no, this will be the first of MANY APPOINTMENTS because Anna-wanna is so fwail, weak, and beset by challenges of her earthly form. Oh, and she's going to visit two nursing schools, because the Earth Parents need to pay for a third degree, as the first two were unemployable hippy nonsense. Just wait until Anna realizes she'll have to re-take all of her undergrad in order to get the science and math prerequisites she needs. I smell an incoming medical crisis (and also shit, which is pouring from her stomach).

Oh, and she misspelled her own hashtag - #annasperganiclife. Anna's sperganic life, indeed.
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I got friends in Eldaron places
I am seriously digging her transition into Brenda Spencer. (maybe she'll come out as lesbian as well?) I could do without the religious babble, unless she starts peppering in with sinners shall be punished. Nothing is more entertaining than a delusional christfag gone dark.
I am slightly confused with the "organic life" hashtagging. There's nothing organic about eating baby food and having liquid shits into a bag that comes out of your abdomin.
I think she needs to colab with one of those obese muckbang youtubers. Fucking comedy gold right there.


All I wanted was a Pepsi.
“For those like me who dance/skate.”
Anna, you only just started fantasizing about a possible return to your pre-orthorexia activities like five minutes ago. Floating around in your backyard and taking selfies is not a triumphant return to dancing.
She’s like someone who had extremely modest success at a local gallery 20 years ago, hasn’t lifted a paintbrush since, and keeps referring to themselves as a professional artist.

Angry New Ager

CLINTON 2020: "One Nation, Under a Groove..."
She’s like someone who had extremely modest success at a local gallery 20 years ago, hasn’t lifted a paintbrush since, and keeps referring to themselves as a professional artist.
Nah, she never made it into a gallery, lol. She's more like somebody who, in high school, entered a painting they did in art class in the state fair art show, won third place, hasn't lifted a paintbrush since, and yet goes on about how much they love and miss painting and the career they've been denied.

She was never a very good skater, and was never going to go anywhere with it--which no doubt chapped her controlling, perfectionistic, prideful skelly ass. She tried ballet, too, but was never going to go anywhere with that, either. Being a mediocrity who did those things for fun and fitness wasn't enough; she wanted attention and admiration (which is why she lied about having CF in order to dance the lead in that ballet for sick kids.)

That her sister was a much better skater must have been infuriating to Anna, and it makes me wonder if dropping skating to become Jesus's favorite and most inspirational widdle sick girl was, in part, to grab attention away from Lydia and put it all squarely on herself, where she is convinced it belongs.

And now that she's succeeded in making herself sicker than anybody else, and her sister's out of the picture, she can return to skating or ballet and it's okay if she's mediocre because after all she's so, so sick. She can be inspirational and get attention just by showing up to do it at all.

Disgruntled Pupper

True & Honest Fan
I'm still honestly baffled as to what exactly she thinks she'll be returning to. She's way too old to be groomed for any kind of talent, and she's not going to get into any kind of compitions or shows. At her age the only things she has open to her are twice-a-week adult classes for fun/fitness and open skate at the rink. I don't know if she's stupid, delusional, or planning to try to weasel into things she will not get into, but the days of tutus and costumes and a crowd of people watching are OVER, Anna.

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