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Anna Johnson, the Fit Vegan GingerJesus Freak, orthorexic, creator of vegan food monstrosities.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Rihanna Ikari, Nov 26, 2015.

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  1. Is she still living with her parents (mom) again? I would surmise that's more the cause if anything; even before she started this CF nonsense, she was looking slightly less deathly ill after her "best friend" intervention in Delaware and her subsequent removal back to her parents' place. I suspect she can't get away with cutting every possible calorie corner when she's not on her own.

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  2. Yeah, they literally make liposomal ADEK vitamins for CF patients to help with absorption for this very reason; essentially, vitamin molecules that are "wrapped" in a fatty liposome so that the person taking them isn't as reliant on supplementary dietary fat to absorb them properly. Most CF patients are, if left to their own devices, afflicted with pretty severe hypovitaminosis especially those that are fat soluble.
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  3. Viscant could play as Anna and still wipe the floor with LTG.
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  4. Have we heard anything from Viserys (Anna's likely gay friend) lately?
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  5. Maybe that's how she got diagnosed then? She's so deluded about her diet I'm sure she told her doctor she's eating a normal amount of calories daily (instead of 0), so the doctor could have assumed she had CF as a result of not knowing her true diet.

    Also, does anyone else find it interesting that the illness she has is genetic, meaning she can get all the asspats and take no responsibility for her problems, instead of acknowledging her issues are in some way her fault?
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  6. An actual doctor would order a sweat chloride test if the patient was showing symptoms of cystic fibrosis. This test is normally ordered on children or babies, btw. It is rare for someone to live to adulthood before they find out they have cf. I suppose it could happen, but the frequent lung infections and poor weight gain would give a clue long before a baby grew up that something was wrong. Hell, some people with cf don't even live to adulthood. It would be a rare thing to live to adulthood and then all of sudden starts having symptoms of this. Of course, Anna has been known to go to those woo woo bullshit doctors who are not really doctors. more than likely, she's just thinking everyone is ignorant and will take her at face value.
    more info on sweat test: http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/sweat-test.html
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  7. She's probably not diagnosed at all and needs a new asspats conveyor belt now that she was under so much pressure about her pro-ana food posts. The only way for her to prove that she's got CF is to post lab results or something similar from an actual real medical facility. No normal person is going to demand that she does this and she knows it. Normal people aren't going to suspect that she's lying about having a terrible disease like CF. Kiwis, on the other hand, have a fabulously tuned bullshit detector.
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  8. Damn her parents, first they try to do something about her eating disorder, then they give her a genetic disease. :story:
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  9. I think you've nailed it.
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  10. i spent the past 3-4 days reading this entire thread without skipping a single page. i could not get enough of this shit.
    the taste tests, the jumpscare selfies, the nausea inducing recipes, the ups and downs of the gains goblin....it was an incredible journey.

    no matter what a bitch she is, i'd still be happy to see her gain like 20 pounds or something, it would make a huge difference. also has she completely dropped the FVG persona and stopped making recipes for good? :c
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  11. Much like the Nick Bate thread, whenever I see infrequent updates of this thread, my first instinct is to ponder whether she has finally died due to her taking horrid care of her body.
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