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Dec 4, 2017
Anna o' Brien is a 35 year old, fat, social media 'influencer' originally from the Cleveland area, who is best known for posing in a Bikini in Times Square, Vegas and her controversial Gillette ad campaign. She's been discussed extensively in the Fat Acceptance thread due to the extensive effort of @thejackal, at first seeming like any other attention seeking fatty but with her entitlement, tendency to appear on camera drunk, near fetishization and marketing of her self proclaimed 'candy juicy thighs', failed attempts at weight loss including her rejection from the biggest loser, and widespread media coverage, Anna has become one of the most popular FA lolcows. Falling from a cushy social media job making bank to becoming an internet freak show, alone in her house desperately trying to cling to e-fame, with no one to blame but herself.

Born October 29, 1984 to Thomas Prescott O'Brien and Susan O'Brien, Anna lost both her mom (2003) and sister Kathryn (2011), to obesity related complications. This must've impacted Anna to some degree as at one point her blog glitterandlazers was a weight loss blog, despite definite progress by 2014 she had stagnated. These attempts are now a thing of the past, she deleted any trace of her weight loss attempts. Her blog's earliest entry is now from March 24, 2015. These blog entries are still available through archives, like this choice piece where she denounced HAES.

This is far from the first time Anna has given up on a task, growing up in an upper middle class Mormon family, Anna didn't manage to graduate high school instead choosing to get her GED. Despite this she was admitted to Brigham Young University, no doubt due to whatever influence her father had. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in communications and then continued to Columbia University where she earned a Master's in 'Quantitative methods in social sciences'. After graduation Anna worked as a Vice President at Citibank for three years, then as Director of Strategy and Content Marketing at Sprinklr. A company that is a facade PR firm for social media, but actually mines, stores and sells data for facebook, instagram and twitter, source. Anna was basically handling their social media, making 140k a year as a starting salary. This is something she was allegedly unqualified for, one source said that she would bring her dog to work where he would shit on the floor so bad it stunk the entire floor up. The source also claimed she would make cringey sexual innuendo. While we don't exactly why she got fired it was likely due to poor performance and HR complaints, nonetheless she managed to snag a sweet severance package. After this she decided to pursue her dreams of internet stardom as a social media influencer, while living on daddy's dime in NYC.

Thus began her descent into madness. Anna would routinely pose in public for photoshoots often in bikinis or other tightly fitting clothes, posting shopping hauls of clothing on her youtube channel while blaming the company for the poor fit, instead of fessing up to ordering items several sizes too small. She also found popularity on Tiktok where she would make videos with 'stars' half her age, poorly singing, doing awkward dances and yoga poses in an attempt to imitate women less then half her size. Anna can be seen acting like a teenager in videos, swooning over boybands, talking about bands and singers from her teenage years as if they were still relevant (eg. her habit of wanting to be a fat Shakira), and overall trying too hard to be a quirky, screeching, hip idol while nearing her 40's. She is also fond of famous fat Lizzo, whose music is used heavily in her TikTok's as Anna likes to imagine they're friends.

Anna enjoys going on pricey vacations where she tries to make herself more important, such as a Jamaica trip where she proclaimed herself the "Kim Kardashian of Jamaica" and was met with backlash, or when she claimed to witness a murder on the same trip. During these trips she tries to pawn her beloved floor shitting dog off on other's expecting them to care for him for free, instead of finding proper accommodations. In addition to going out of country she travels all around the US for various influencer gatherings, many of them tend to have a HAES spin like CURVYcon, in this instance she claimed to be there for Fashion Week and not just a pittance given to fatties by Torrid. Other trips are just an excuse to make an ass of herself in public in the name of making her content. This is an area her entitlement shines through, as Anna complains about the airport nearly every trip she takes.

Her out of control downward spiral is something we've been able to witness on Anna physically. Such as open sores on her face that have yet to heal, originally showing up in 2018. Whether this is an actual medical condition, poor hygiene or signs of untreated diabetes is unclear; it's likely a mix of these and other factors. She will film herself on video unashamed of the state of her skin, while viewing herself as a beauty blogger. Anna has ballooned in size and secret eats to maintain her girth, at 400 lbs in her mid thirties this is no easy task. Anyone who can tolerate her videos can spot the boxes of soda and food around her home, Mountain Dew appears to be her favorite. Anna's 'candy juicy thighs' are massive, claiming to be a size 30 or a 60" waist with 72" thighs. Likely made worse by her visible lymphedema, or excess fluid that results in swelling of the lower extremities. This is a common consequence of obesity and has been seen in our other fatcows, like Amberlynn. In a similar vein, Anna has chosen to monetize her poor health by making partnered videos, like this one on coping with chafing thanks to Monistat.

It's been theorized she's an alcoholic, due to the many videos where she is clearly heavily intoxicated, her admitted habit of buying things while drunk and forgetting about them and various liquor bottles seen in her social media posts. This was further cemented when she posted her "Well this Advent Calendar was $170 of Sadness" where after spending 170 USD on a Advent calendar from the body shop, she slurs, stumbles her words and complains about it not being what she wanted, not remembering ordering it and eventually deciding on throwing it out. This is not the first time Anna has shown how wasteful she can be, due to her often only wearing haul clothing for videos then getting rid of it.

With both her physical and mental health declining, Anna decided that a change of scenery would fix her woes and moved to Austin, Texas where she now resides. This was likely caused by bring unable to afford rent in her shoe box apartment. Another lolcow groundhog day Anna spends her life doing the same shit day in and out. Since moving she roped a 19 year old girl named Riley into her orbit to be her assistant. A catch all title that involves driving her around when drunk, working as her photographer and running her errands. While the position is paid and Riley appears in Anna's social media, it comes off as buying a friend servant. While it was touched on before, Anna has a habit of hanging around disinterested teens who use her to bring attention to their social media, as a freak show and likely for booze. This has been consistent in Anna's content, due to her own stunted emotional growth.

Outside of these teens she has no real friends, occasionally someone will accompany Anna on a vacation, to a spa or an event. Footing the bill because of her obnoxious personality, immaturity, entitlement, and need to overshare on social media has made it impossible for her to find friends her own age. This has also extinguished any potential romantic relationships. Her father looks to be her only consistent connection. An enabler who has helped his daughter to eat herself into super morbid obesity despite the loss of family to the very same thing. Theories range from that his being absent in Anna's life due to work or some kind of way to pacify her and keep her around. His new wife looks suspiciously like Anna as well. Anna's only other living immediate family is a brother who may work in finance, though not much information about their relationship is public.

In short: Anna is an internet laughingstock with more visibility, reach and opportunity then most cows on this site. Yet her selfishness, immaturity and desperate desire to be famous have ruined her body and mind past the point of no return. She's content to be a spectacle in a bikini if the outcome is continued attention. While desperately trying to convince herself she's a stat and refusing acknowledge reality. That she willingly became an isolated, aging woman for an audience that considers her to be nothing short of a modern day Dolly Dimples.

Dox courtesy of @zedkissed60
Anna Grace O'Brien
12101 N Lamar Blvd #114
Austin TX 78753
DOB October 29, 1984 (age 35)

Here's all her social media etc

Instagram (archive)
YouTube (archive)
TikTok (archive)
Twitter (archive)

Special thanks to @thejackal @StrawberryDouche and @SAVE TWINKIE! for all their contributions on this.
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Nov 8, 2016
I have to say, her hair looked a lot better like this. (Well, all of her looked better like this, but since her horrible new hair style/color was being discussed recently that's what I'm focusing on).


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Feb 3, 2013
A year and a half ago she was allegedly told to cover up while Posing in a (way too small) bikini in a Las Vegas hotel

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Aug 29, 2019


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Feb 24, 2019
[Archive] What It’s Like To: Fly First Class On Emirates
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"Each seat is 23 inches wide "

There is no way she could have been comfortable at all.



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Jun 30, 2017
Has it ever been established what her father did to become wealthy?

I've spent more time than I care to share looking for his work dox. Maybe I"ll give it another go. O'Brien is such a common surname unfortunately.



Still digging, this is her older brother's wedding announcement, another BYU grad.


Her bro's facebook, seems like a normal guy:

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Oct 16, 2019
I've spent more time than I care to share looking for his work dox. Maybe I"ll give it another go. O'Brien is such a common surname unfortunately.


Maybe he was an asshole. Plus, D&G in Milan > dead uncle probably. Slight PL: why do I crave donuts every time I read this thread?