Anna o' Brien / Glitter + Lazers / GlitterandLazers - Fat drunk who posed in a bikini in Times Square, pissed away opportunities, Alcoholic


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It cracks me up she works with F list brands like Walmart, JC Penney and Threadup while also thinking she was anything but a sideshow "diversity" token at the D&G tik tok event.

Also, she has the same kitchen as Brianna Wu. Who the fuck puts paintings on their kitchen counters? People that never cook and order takeout for every meal.
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I sense that Anna is dead inside and the only thing that gets her through each day is booze
This weird women-laughing-at-salad-stock-image moment is interesting. You can tell she's either miserable, in a lot of pain, or both. She tries to fake this face of exuberance while walking around what looks like a budget motel in her JC Penny's clothing/accessories and manages to display the exact opposite emotion. It's plainly obvious she's unhappy and uncomfortable most of the time.