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the Jude thread,



It truly is a blessed year for us Beauty Parlour queens.
I knew it gonna be gud once munchie princess Kelly the Calves Holes finally put her legs out of their misery; which led to the reintroduction of Beauty Parlour to the general forum public.


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As every named generation spans for couple of decades, at least half of millennials has Gen X as parents, who being The Lost Generation had no idea what the fuck they supposed (and are able) to do, and created whole “Be a friend to your child, not an authority”.
Gen Xer here. Having boomer parents sucked. They didn't understand the changing world. But as a lot of us were latch-key kids so we got to be fairly independent. Idk wtf happened with coddling children and participation trophies for all. I wasn't raised that way. Kids should try, if they fail, they get back on the horse again and no I don't sue the stable owner.

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Life Update: I Bought a Home, Am I an Adult Now?, posted June 10, 201:

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Holy fuck--it's 2021 and Anna was freaking out because she still thought that buying a house was something single women didn't do, that it was something she had to be married to do. Or that she needed a husband around to use power tools and fix shit, instead of doing it herself.

It's not just Anna's dad who is stuck in the 1950s. Sure, maybe that's a holdover from her Mormon upbringing, but you'd think by now, with all the shit she's done in her adult life, she would have realized, "Hey, I can buy my own damned house all by myself, and it's no big deal."


What a rip. Anna’s username promised glitter and lasers. Where’s the lasers?
The lazers portion is because it used to be a joint thing with a guy years ago when she actually was losing weight. She dropped him or he dropped her and she kept the name and pretends its always been her choice and not a joining of two peoples names.

This is the dude from the old about page on her blog:
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There are so fucking many websites that catalogue what little information they have about internet celebs, youtubers, influencers etc. Invariably with terrible English and jarring grammar. Wouldn't expect this to be some agency promoting her or a fan, but some bloke with the surname Nguyen putting a name and date of birth into a template in order to maximize clicks and therefore advertising revenue. Try any even vaguely popular Instragram, TikTok or Youtube star and you'll find the exact same thing.

I dunno about all of them, but people are paid to write like this.
I applied for the job once, but I was too stupid(?) to write the way they wanted, so I just got really high and wrote my own gibberish hoping it might line up. It did not.

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So she just shoved a ton of glitter onto all the furnishings in a hotel room probably....
That shit is so hard to get out of fabric that it really ought to count as vandalism at some point.

Making underpaid laborers do more work for clicks in the Internet is the lowest of the low.
I'd argue that the glitter is worse based on how it spreads like a disease and something else it does. Just think about how it would feel to the wife or girlfriend of a guy who had to travel for work or family if he came back from his trip with glitter bits on him or his clothes. No amount of vacuuming could guarantee that the carpet won't pass some on to another guest's socks and spread it to other clothes in their suitcase or something.


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Remember when I autistically said anna might be fun to hang out with if she wasnt such a retard?

I retract that.

I would never want to hang out with her. Sorry for the brief bout of autism
Before we started seeing more and more proof of her being bitchy and entitled and just unpleasent in general, she was the deathfat cow I was most hoping would manage to get her shit together. She's a hot mess but seemed so less hateable than other cows. That's still true considering how hateable some of our cows are but yeah, she's a lot harder to root for now.