Anna o' Brien / Glitter + Lazers / GlitterandLazers - Fat, drunk, consoomer attention whore who would rather eat and drink herself to death than endure a single negative emotion

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Fetch my deworming pills, Dr Bojangles
Aug 16, 2019
Getting “Trapped in the Closet” vibes from her little VELURRRR song

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Side note I’ve been really busy but she may have posted enough autistic content in the last week for me to make a full length music video.

OMG I am genuinely excited for this :lit:
You have a gift for capturing her pungent essence so well...

Haesindang Park
Oct 25, 2014
Anna needs to face up to the reality that no clothes manufactured on this planet actually fit her, at all. She is so absurdly outsized now that even the largest plus sizes struggle to contain her increasingly ballooning form. Even amongst the morbidly obese population Anna is an outlier, people her size are very rare (personally I've never seen anyone close to her size in public) and just not catered for by clothing and fashion retailers. Her only hope for properly fitting clothes is bespoke.

The most disgusting thing about her latest video is the way her ballet flats are completely blown out and misshapen. The sheer weight and stress on her legs and feet must be unbelievable to wreck a pair of shoes like that.

Her constant gurning and forced happy face is deeply disturbing and more obvious than ever. It just screams mental illness and hard coping. Along with her swarthy, sweaty booze face that indicates yet another hard night on the sauce followed by the inevitable binge on high calorie junk food, that's a lot of shame and self hate to deal with.

I wonder if her family watches her videos?

I still wonder where she gets those huge ass jeans.

Mar 31, 2021
Imagine doing laundry with garments that huge. Every article of clothing would be like a fitted sheet when it came time to fold.
I mean, I know doing laundry= putting it in the machine, hanging it to dry/putting it in the dryer, fold, put in closet. This is so much more time saving than our ancestors, yet I reallllly don't see Anna doing it (otherwise "doin laundry I'm so fun!!" would be a Thing)


True & Honest Fan
Feb 21, 2021
Was thinking this same thing watching the video, the pink teddy top is so wide she can’t even fit the whole thing on screen when she holds it up and yet the meant-to-be- oversized cut fits her better than 99% of what she normally wears. It reminds me of when Homer Simpson went to clown school and the baggy clown pants were the best fitting pants he’d ever worn.

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When I first saw the two piece dress thing I thought she wearing some kind of thigh high stockings. Then I realised it’s just the colour of her poor circulation, those diabetic limbs clashing with her spanks and upper body skin tone.

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And fuck sake that camel toe. She’s actually putting videos online of her vagina sucking up material now. I’d crop the picture closer but I’d vomit.

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She is almost at the "ankle fat rolls" stage of lipodema! An exciting new saga

Angry New Ager

True & Honest Fan
Sep 20, 2016
Shower me in puzzle pieces or hats, but the backdrops she uses annoy me more than anything else.

Here she is, with a cheap-looking barnwood-effect nylon backdrop, which is not weighted or anchored at the bottom, so it constantly flutters, calling even more attention to how cheap and fake it is. And under her feet? The most boring, generic gray carpet imaginable.

She bought her princess-turreted castle with the intent of turning one room into a video studio. If you're fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for shooting, that means you have the luxury of hanging your backdrops properly so they look nice and at least somewhat natural, and putting something attractive on the floor, and arranging props just so, and being able to leave it all there, undisturbed, between shoots. You can take time to improve it, because it doesn't have to be taken down before anybody else comes home, or you need to use the space for its mundane purpose.

BUT NO. Anna has the space and the means to do so much better, and yet she does the sloppiest, laziest-ass, half-done shit every time. Her Christmas backdrop, where she couldn't manage to put skirts on the trees to hide the ugly stands, or even finish decorating one of them? Totally typical of how sloppy and indifferent she's become. Even shooting this downstairs, in her bland, suburban hallway, would be better than this garbage.

Honestly, she should just green-screen the entite set—wall and floor—and add backgrounds in post if she's going to be this lazy. They can't look any more fake or low-effort, and she might even manage to use something that isn't depressingly soulless, and doesn't scream, "I hate my life and I hate having to do this."

M.T. Graves

The Season of the Witch
Feb 15, 2021
The combo of her crazy fake smile and the caption of “14/100 days of daily movement” tickles me. Almost like she’s excited or bragging about moving everyday like it’s an accomplishment. The bar is so low. I guess any day she doesn’t black out on the kitchen floor and move is a win.