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have you taken your b12?
Cost break down of her target haul is
Total $337.69
Total With tax $357.95
So in about 2 days, she has spent almost $800 at target
Honestly, I would not be surprised if she spent $1000 within two days considering how much She and Becky consumes
Becky also went over her spending limit on her debit card, so she blew cash elsewhere

TBH, I most annoyed by Becky buying dumbass graphic T's and retarded games
But then again, she's basically a Beer Bellied Loser living in her momma's basement
momma's basement being code for Amberlynns gross hole

edit * format *spelling *info
Men's Naruto Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt - White12.99
NECA pop culture blind bag9.99
Bye, Felicia! Game17.99
Big Potato Games Us Weekly - The Ultimate Celebrity Party Game19.99
Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha Coffee Drink - 4pk/9.5 fl oz Glass Bottles6.19
Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea Bags - 15ct/1.2oz5.79
Kool-Aid Liquid Watermelon Drink Mix - 1.62 fl oz2.99
Toddler Boys' Monster Backpack - Cat & Jack™ Beige14.99
Baby Girls' Corduroy Apple Skirtall Top & Bottom Set - Cat & Jack™ Green15.99
air wick Pure Freshmatic 2 Refills7.99
Renuzit Snuggle Scented Oil Refill For Plugin Air Fresheners Linen Escape - 5ct10.49
Glade Electric Plug-Ins3.19
Mrs. Meyer's Basil Room Freshener - 8 fl oz5.49
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multisurface Cleaner3.99
Command 4 Sets of Medium/8 Sets of Large And Medium Sized Picture Hanging Strips White8.99
Concrete Base With Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Bowl - 2cup - Boots & Barkley™9.99
Concrete Base With Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Bowl - 4cup - Boots & Barkley™12.99
SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Foaming Facial Wash - 7.3oz9.99
SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Lotion - 3 fl oz9.99
Women's Flap Trifold Wallet - Universal Thread™14.99
Floral Bath Towel Black/White - Threshold™9.99
Floral Bath Towel Black/White - Threshold™9.99
Hoop Earrings - A New Day9.99
SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Tri-Tone Druzy Drop Earrings12.99
Pre-Printed 5 Year Memory Journal Question A Day8.09
Wilder Girls - by Rory Power (Hardcover)14.75
Pillow Thoughts - by Courtney Peppernell (Paperback)8.49
break your glass slippers amanda lovelac12
When The World Didn’t End – by Caroline Kaufman (Hardcover)10.59
Light Filters In by Caroline Kaufman (Hardcover)10.82
27" x 16" Artificial Potted Palm Green/White - Project 62™24.99
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Absolutely top kek at Amber very intentionally showing off her Gucci Bamboo fragrance then immediately cutting to her hoard of Target ear rings that probably cost between $5 and $20. Listen bitch, either you have money or you just act like you do. You don't flex your Rolex while you get into your Scion Tc with a Ebay blow off valve kit.

Also big ass kek at her mentioning the hayder comments that she uses candles to cover up her combination of rank pussy and body oder smell. No way she doesn't read the Farms. Hi, Amber!


I’m bored so i became a kiwi
Cost break down of her target haul is
Total $337.69
Total With tax $357.95
So in about 2 days, she has spent almost $800 at target
Honestly, I would not be surprised if she spent $1000 within two days considering how much She and Becky consumes
Holy crap, $800 in 2 days and we are still not counting off camera Food takeout. I know things in America are kind of expensive but how is that possible for only 2 people in 2 DAYS! that do nothing but sit their asses. Bitch didnt even bother to find out whats wrong with the rest of Her video and just decided “fuck it, im gonna order some subway sandwhiches”


Destroy the architecture...
Okay, give me a sec for my brain to process Amber stupidity...

I think she meant that her and Becky have a joint checking account. Each debit card tied to the account has a limit (this is true for everyone). Becky went over her daily limit, Amber had not (yet). But what the fuck did Becky buy earlier that day to go over the limit? Inquiring minds want to know!

Also, no Amber you don’t have to justify what you spend your money on, but the fact that you have no knowledge of basic bank procedures or finances while trying to live like a dainty queen with endless money is why we make fun of you.
I wonder that too because my daily limit is like 5k or something.

What is with this obsession about her "hygiene routine?" I feel like I can never tell if this is just proof that she is just a disgusting mess or if the things stringing these words together makes her sound smart. She bought new body products, just call it what it is.

I also cannot believe she is stupid enough to not have washed her face for over a decade. Seriously? You have acne but don't consider using face wash..... Ever would help? Pretty sure even the Beckster could figure that one out. I have very little standards for the large toddler who puts conditioner on her face but not using soap or needing to be told to use soap on her face is a new low.

No wonder they have plug in air fresheners and timed room sprays. I bet their apartment stinks up the common hallway to high heaven. Could likely get a scent triggered headache or migraine in an adjacent apartment.

Eleventyy Hunnit
She asked her audience where to buy plain black face masks as we are several months into a pandemic and you can’t fart without being bombarded with several ads for face masks from online shops that have been spun up just for this market. I know she trolls but this just shows how genuinely lazy and willfully ignorant she is. It is still astounding even after all these years.

edit: I don’t read this as (hypo)mania— she is just losing her damn mind at the novelty of finally being in a remotely civilized locale and having access to so many conveniences that were previously out her reach. All her addictions currently have new, shiny fuel.
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Hail The Monolith

"Existence is suffering"
god dammit she's back at her "yaassss queen" attitude. The one thing a hate the most is when she gets smug.
my guy you haven't done shit to deserve it.

also spending money like no tomorrow on random gubbins after cancer surgery and moving houses might not be the best financial strategy.
youtube is too lucrative or she is sinking in debt.

Hail The Monolith

"Existence is suffering"
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dog from the video was probably judging them hard core

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will she ever change?

Also, looking for more ideas to base my fan art on that ive been posting in the Artberlynn thread
let me know what I should do next for my next crackhead photoshop
that seriously has got to be the most uncomfortable and unsettlynn picture ive ever seen of her

Show us the 5,000 steps on your Apple watch or Fitbit?
A 5 year journal = a bit optimistic
Doesn't seem to worry Big AL when she’s twisting her core and holding the plant.
A (600lbs) 500lbs piss and shit stinking loudmouth with her 400lbs sped son girlfriend and the only thing you were embarrassed about was your bank card not working?