Another KickStarter.... this time for a book -


Here comes the bleeding English majors looking for the next big sob-story because they couldn’t keep their journo jobs. Oh joy. Plus the villain is essentially evil internet trolls, so it serves to push an agenda too! Double whammy!

MG 620

"Some for the challenges will time writing and finding some of the people I plan to interview be hard to find. I will make to time to write during the week and I will using social media to help find of people I plan to interview. "

Broken English and bad grammar. This person can't even write a sentence. Another day, another Chris scam.

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Here's a book about Chris for you.

Chapter 1:
Autistic Child wins contest

Chapter 2:
Austistic Man-Child makes a fool out of himself for over a decade

Chapter 3:
Psychotic Man-Child feeds into his own delusions

Chapter 4:
Instituionalized Man-Child loses everything before dying a lonely and painful death.

Hey Kids, there's nothing more special than being hugged by someone you like; but if someone tries to touch you inappropriately, that's NO good.

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LOL at the estimated delivery date on those rewards. This person is claiming they'll have the whole book written, edited, proofed, and printed, plus posters and medallions and shit made and ready to ship, all in two and a half months? Even if the pitch wasn't written by someone with remedial grammar skills, you could peg it as a scam based on that alone.

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Keep reading. It just gets better and better.
  • Pledge $100 or more - Collosal Chan: $100 get you all soinchu medallions with Novel poster,
  • Pledge $500 or more - Darbind Sonichu: $500 get you all soinchu medallions with Novel poster,
  • Pledge $1,000 or more - Collosal Chan: A special live interview with both Wes Iseli and Sarah Nicole Hammer on and youtube live stream.
Collosal Chan? Soinchu? Darbind?

If this fucking idiot can't even get the names of the characters right, what hope does he have of adding anything to Chris-Chan lore?

I hope he doesn't see a penny from this scam.

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Something called Chronicle Vitae:
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Plectranthus scutellarioides

Likely Linkedin account.

Graduated from Knob Noster High School in 2010.

Maybe not a current address as La Monte isn't in the Kansas City metro area, but multiple sources point to this. This address, and the town of La Monte, are zoned for Knob Noster High.

Has worked as a security guard for a number of years. Profile/Archive Studied at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, not far from La Monte. May have received an Associate of Fine Arts in Music. A 2012 graduation date from that program lines up with a high school graduation of 2010.
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