Another KickStarter.... this time for a book -

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
True & Honest Fan
this guy thinks he's gonna win an oscar with cwc content. that's cute.
Chris' life is already a movie of unironic comedy. How are you going to turn cake farts, hitting snyder, and shoving a dildo up your butt into something heroic in the mainstream or indie scene? Chris' popularity will only grow to epic proportions until after he's dead and can't make himself look like any idiot any longer. Think about it, he'll be dead, so he won't be able to put his foot in his mouth or do anything stupid, which would cause people to lose more sympathy for him.

Why anyone other than geno would want to document his life is beyond me
Fuck that shit, only Ridley's should be documenting this shit and charging a quarter to tell stories about it.

Time of Space
This is just fucking boring. Hopefully they get cold feet from the dox and cancel it before they immerse themselves in the fecal matter. Or they go full-exceptional individual and deliver some content, either is fine.

But credit where credit is due:
They put (a minimal amount of) work into "original" tier-rewards unlike the last idiot.
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