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He claims he is finally moving out, after two more weeks.



well the original post on the gofundme said that he paid rent for the first half of July and we're halfway through July now. He went to a Con last weekend so his twitter and facebook is just a bunch of pictures of him in a dress and posing with a bunch of uncomfortable looking cosplayers. but its finally not the same selfie in the same pose over and over. But I guess with time up and him using his gofundme for a convention instead of rent he's fighting with his roommates again.


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They are taking whatever paltry money they can get from him. I have zero doubt that he’s probably only paid up till April 2018, he just calls any money he gives them in July “July’s rent”

Why haven't they initiated eviction proceedings at this point? I mean other than the fact that he's fucking huge and has anger control issues.


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He is still squatting in the house he was supposed to have moved out of in April/early May, now he is claiming he got a place out of state and needs more money and won't be leaving until "sometime" in August.
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Jesus Christ I’m sick of his “two more week” excuses bullshit his roommates must be losing their minds. I hope to god they pursued eviction proceedings back in May.

Going to guess things went south with the SA troon girlfriend if he’s pretending to leave the state now.

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