Anthony Fantano / TheNeedleDrop - "The Internet's Busiest Music Nerd"™, heelturned since 2017, slowly becoming smug SJW, threw Sam Hyde under the bus


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A while back, I posted some screenshots of music critic Anthony Fantano's retarded Twitter takes in a YouTube Autism Thread, saying that I'm tempted to start a thread on him. But I didn't think he was enough of a lolcow to warrant a thread until events that have transpired yesterday. For whatever reason, Fantano got the idea in his bald head to start tweeting about why cancel culture wasn't real and pulled a "yikes, incels mad" when people started to call him out.


This involved a huge sperg-out, involving the likes of Ian Miles Ching Chong Wing Wong and Paul Joseph Watson. He was even retarded enough to call the honkler meme "alt-right" and cited fucking rationalwiki in the process.


(small note: Another internet lolcow, Hack3Hack3productions, also chimed in with an attempt to own Paul Joseph Watson. Not that Watson himself isn't a lolcow, but I think when your squad consists of fat, washed up 30 something YouTubers, I don't exactly imagine people are really going to join your camp)

To understand why Fantano has sunk to this level, I need to explain the history of his channels: Anthony Fantano has been running TheNeedleDrop YouTube channel for over a decade now, creating music reviews on a near daily basis. I'm not much of a music fag, so I can't really comment on how good or bad his taste in music is. I'll leave that up to people who are more into that than I am. But, one thing to note is that Fantano has his roots in the /mu/ board on 4chan, even conducting an interview with the board back in 2014.
At the same time, he used to run another YouTube channel known as Thatistheplan, his personal account (as he described it) that existed long before theneedledrop did, which he used to upload miscellaneous content. Gradually over time, he began experimenting with more shitposty content like his meme review series and videos that touched on then-current events such as Pepe the Frog being declared a hate symbol (ironic, given what I just posted) and commenting on YouTube drama. This channel existed until 2017, until an event which I believe led to eventual heel-turn in personality.

In early October 2017, the music publication The Fader published an article accusing Fantano of using his Thatistheplan channel to pander to the alt-right. The article was taken down, eventually, but archives of it still exist.

After the article's release, Fantano himself made a response video debunking the claims made by the Fader and denying the accusations of pandering to the alt-right.
Fantano takes a very calm approach to people attempting to destroy his career with false allegations, but that's not really a problem. What is a problem, however, is his response to allegations about his interview with Sam Hyde. Until around 2016, Fantano used to host a podcast known simply as TheNeedleDrop podcast, and in early 2016 he interviewed pre-World Peace Sam Hyde to shoot the shit for an hour and a half.
At one point in the interview, Sam made a joke about killing Lena Dunham (in a self-defense situation, obviously)
The Fader took this clip and spun it as Sam genuinely wanting to kill Lena Dunham and Anthony laughing at it and egging him on. Rather than outright defend Sam and clearly state that it's a joke, and that he laughed at it because it was a joke, he did some kind of verbal gymnastics to explain that, "Actually, I was incredibly uncomfortable during the entire interview with Sam and I was trying to warn him beforehand if he was sure he wanted to go ahead with this joke. Any laughter that slipped out was obviously nervous laughter." He even seemed to imply that Sam Hyde is himself alt-right, or at least he certainly didn't challenge the notion set forth by the Fader by saying that, "Sam's alt-right connections only came out after I interviewed him". I understand that it's not a Sam Hyde defense video and he didn't need to dedicate minutes of his time to defend Sam as not being alt-right, but it fits this sort of sentiment that Anthony seemed to paint Sam Hyde as a psychotic alt-right personality in order to create a sense of deniability for laughing at Hyde's joke.

The article was a clear-cut example of libel, and as a result of the hit-piece's publication Fantano ended up having a tour/event he was planning cancelled after the venue hosting the event got wind of the article and believed him to be alt-right. After a few months, however, the article got taken down and Fantano said that "the claims were settled" in private. Might've made for an interesting LOLsuit if he had taken legal action against The Fader, but I guess we'll never know. However, it's what happened after this that we start to see his gradual shift into how he acts and behaves today.

The first sign of this was him deleted the Thatistheplan channel shortly after the article went up. A lot of people believe this was for optics and to protect himself in the future from being cancelled. His excuse however, as you can see in the back and forth he had with PJW (, was that "the channel was getting demonetised so there's no point keeping it up", a surprisingly cynical stance coming from such a woke leftist, and one which I doubt most people are buying. On twitter, he started espousing more left-wing opinions; I remember following him back in mid-2018 and seeing nothing but "defund ICE" shit retweeted on my timeline. But generally speaking, there was nothing insufferable, until around late 2018/early 2019. Now, the main reason for me making this post is for people to archive his retarded takes on social media, because unfortunately Fantano (maybe realising how dog shit his takes are) deletes numerous tweets where he looks like a retard. I saw someone say that this goes counter to typical cow behaviour, and I guess that's true, but it still doesn't change the fact that he had these fucking awful takes that he most likely still believes in. Regardless, the following are examples of some of his more infamous takes on Twitter (and people criticizing him):
ken-ishikawa-dog-on-twitter-how-the-hell-did-anthony-fantano-go-ws-trans-am-png-443_561.png (ironic)
More recently he started going after Negative XP/Shooter (the Scott Pilgrim ruined women guy) again, after his "wondering what kind of rut" comments last year, because the man who's origins stem from /mu/ now thinks Negative XP is incel music.

And that leads us to now, and the Twitter spergery that occured yesterday. I think everyone finds it hilariously ironic that the guy who claims cancel culture isn't real was himself a victim of cancel culture 3 years ago, but instead of talking about how it's bad he came out the other end a worse person overall. Hopefully he does more retarded shit so now it'll be archived and on record.

EDIT: He's doubling down on the twitter autism, trying to use the word "gamer" as an insult.

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Oh, thank God this guy has a thread now. I’d see him every so often on Twitter, and see a dumb take of his. Amazing how he’s nothing but a disingenuous twat.

I found these tweets interesting in particular, because the first one is just a strawman of an issue that’s been invading public debate for a while now, while the second one reeks of hypocrisy, as he wants to get on a moral high horse, while being a dick and actually had the media go after him for being “alt-right.” I doubt that alone would get him flak, but it’d be nice if someone could dig up more on him.

I also find it funny that he shit talks people appearances, when he dresses like an absolute dork with no fashion
I mean, c’mon. You shouldn’t be throwing rocks at glass houses.

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It's about time the melon received a thread. I know a lot of people on the farms like him, but he has really turned into a colossal sperg as of the past two years. It's amazing to me just how far he's willing to turn just because somebody accused him of being alt-right. Not only was he associated with Sam Hyde, but he was also a fan of people like Sargon, Milo and Metokur of all people.

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A lot of his early music review quips are outright plagiarized from /mu/ posts, from what little I remember. Reaching out to the board in such a formal way felt like an attempt to enamor himself with the younger, naive, newfag users and try to bleach his history of stealing 4chan comments.

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Mellon is a sad case. He's genuinely knowledgeable about music and usually makes good reviews. He isn't objective when he reviews things, but it's art. How can you be completely objective unless you're an autist. I hate that he feels the need to constantly signal his political views ever since that Fader article.

"Cancel culture doesn't exist" Yeah that's true if you're already a household name. Louis CK isn't going to be sucking dicks for money but ask Shane Gillis what being cancelled does to your bank account.

Fantano was lucky enough to recover from 'cancellation' because he has a pretty unique point-of-view when it comes to music and was unique because he made youtube videos rather than writing articles. If he was just some fag writing for Pitchfork he would be a nobody now and would probably have a different view on Twitter mobs coming after people's paychecks.