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Dramacow Anthony George Halliday / Steven Hayden / Stephanie Hayden / JudicialCat / FlyingLawyer73 / srh2018Middle-aged tranny "lawyer" who will call the cops on you if you misgender him.

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Gengar, Feb 10, 2019.

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  1. Introduction
    Much like our dear friend Jonathan Yaniv, Stephanie Rebecca Hayden is a True & Honest transgender woman with a sincere dedication to upholding the law. And by that, I mean that he is an angry faggot with a propensity for calling the cops on people who hurt his feelings.

    Before he was Stephanie, he was Anthony George Steven Halliday. He was also Steven Hayden, Anthony Halliday, Tony Halliday, and Steven Paul Hayden. When he ran out of variations of his legal name, he became Stephanie Rebecca Hayden. Mr. Halliday has registered countless legal businesses under his various identities, all of which have failed miserably.

    Despite possessing a law degree, which could presumably serve as a profitable career path for our protagonist, Anthony has primarily used his knowledge of the legal system for a single purpose: acting insane on the internet.

    Early Antics
    According to an article written on a legal blog in 2018, Halliday's autism can be traced back all the way to 1999, when he refused to move his vehicle from another man's parking space, and then proceeded to hit the man over the head with a golf club.

    In the years following this incident, his degeneracy continued to plague the British Court system. According to legal documentation found by members of Mumsnet - more on them in a bit - Anthony has additionally been arrested for indecent assault on a male, as well as numerous incidents of fraud and dishonesty.

    Throughout 2012 and 2013, he created multiple sock accounts on Twitter for the sole purpose of harassing a former landlord. At one point, he posted videos about the incident, but they have since been deleted. Suffice to say that, judging from the endless sperging on Halliday's various sock accounts, it's hard to believe that the other person involved in this case was the one at fault.

    Screencaps are in the spoiler below, but be warned: there's a poop pic. Because apparently, our righteous lawyer is actually a 12-year-old boy.
    cassie1.png cassie2.jpg cassie3.png cassie4.png cassie5.jpg cassie6.jpg

    In 2015, he was President in the Birkbeck Law Society for Students at the University of London. He also attempted to become involved with the Student Union, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Even during this period, his colleagues were aware of his tendency to use different aliases for seemingly inexplicable reasons.

    In 2016, he resigned from the Law Society following word that he was going to be suspended from the organization. The details surrounding his removal are murky, but his resignation letter suggests that his exit was not a graceful one. In a typical show of the mature, adult behavior that we've come to expect from Anthony, he abused his access to the Law Society's Twitter account in order to speak ill of the organization, and he also set up a parody account of the organization in order to further express his displeasure.

    Throughout this period in Anthony's pre-transition life, he otherwise spent his time coming up with new business failures, threatening to sue people for being mean to him on Twitter, and complaining about Muslims.
    His activities from this period are somewhat sparse, largely due to constantly switching up his aliases. A 2018 Facebook post from a man trying to circulate stories of Anthony's fraudulent behavior posted these images of what he looked like prior to transition.
    According to earlier archives of his Twitter account, he claimed to be a consultant for the Guardian, but as of the creation of this OP, there is no information on The Guardian to suggest that he ever held any association whatsoever. Sad!

    Last year, Anthony finally gave up on trying to salvage his joke of a reputation. In late 2018, he sold a bullshit story to some sympathetic #ally doctor and thus, successfully obtained his official True & Honest Woman Loicense.

    With the backing of the trans community, a relatively decent grasp on the law, and some horribly orange concealer, Anthony's new identity emboldened him to become even more of a lunatic. He briefly allied himself with other transgender women, until he grew bored of trying to achieve a normal life and decided it would be better if he sued his new friends instead.
    mumsnet1.png mumsnet2.jpg
    When Anthony's exceptional behavior began to make the rounds in TERF circles, he proceeded to file lolsuits and call the cops on them, as well. In a display of his pride for the great, glorious nation of England, Anthony openly tweeted about these incidents and expressed his desire to see #transphobes arrested for hate crimes.
    mumsnet3.png mumsnet4.jpg mumsnet5.jpg mumsnet5.png mumsnet6.jpg mumsnet7.jpg mumsnet8.png
    If you keep up with Glinner's thread, you may also recognize Anthony as the psychotic tranny responsible for calling the cops on Graham after he misgendered our brave hero on Twitter. This incident, in particular, thrust Halliday into a global spotlight, after it was reported that Graham did, in fact, receive a "harassment caution warning" from the police for his egregious behavior.

    Ironically, Anthony has criticized the British Police on several occasions for wasting their time with minor and insignificant matters. Here's one particular tweet that didn't age well:
    Not satisfied with receiving international attention for successfully setting a horrifying precedent against free speech across the pond, Anthony then proceeded to harass Mumsnet users for discussing his shenanigans. He claims to have filed yet another lolsuit against Mumsnet Limited for "breaching the Equality Act," as well as a lolsuit against Dr. Louise Moody for being mean to trannies.
    mercy.png moody2.png
    More recently, Anthony garnered attention when it was revealed that he called the cops on a woman for misgendering him on Twitter. According to reports from the Daily Mail and numerous other outlets, the woman was hauled away in front of her family and questioned for seven hours about her online activities. The woman Tweeted about the incident, and explained that in addition to being arrested, she is also being faced with a lawsuit from Anthony.
    police1.png police2.png police3.png
    Unsurprisingly, Anthony is pretending to be shocked by the negative reaction to this incident, and has taken to Twitter to threaten additional lolsuits and police involvement for any critics.
    He has already succeeded in taking down one target: a man who made a private Facebook post criticizing Halliday's behavior. Upon finding out that the man was employed as a lecturer at a university, Anthony encouraged his critics to help him in contacting the university. The lecturer has presumably been fired.

    However, Anthony still isn't satisfied, and he is now suing The Daily Mail for libel. He is upset with the Mail's portrayal of him, and he says that he had a right to know about the story before it was published. The following is a particularly interesting Twitter exchange, in which Anthony seems to be claiming that his biological sex "factually incorrect."
    Needless to say, the coming lawsuit will be an interesting one. I will be updating the OP periodically as the events unfold. In the meantime, enjoy a few selfies of our #brave #transgender #female.
    opselfie1.png opselfie2.png opselfie3.png opselfie4.png opselfie5.png
    Dox & Accounts
    Birth Name: Anthony George Halliday
    Aliases: Steven Hayden, Anthony Halliday, Anthony George Steven Halliday, Tony Halliday, Steven Paul Hayden, JudicialCat, FlyingLawer73, srh2018
    Legal Name: Stephanie Rebecca Hayden
    DOB: 07/19/1973
    Instagram | Doesn't archive. See attachments for screenshots. They will take a moment to load.
    Twitter | archive
    Twitter | archive (sock account)
    Twitter | archive (sock account 2)
    Twitter | archive (sock account 3)
    Twitter | archive (sock account 4)
    Twitter | archive (sock account 5) (yes, 5!)
    Facebook | archive
    Blog | archive
    Reddit | archive
    130 Old Street, London, England, EC1V 9BD is the registered address for his current practice.
    The following are other legal practices that he has registered under alternate names.
    SRH Law Limited | archive
    Quantum Referencing Limited | archive
    Inter-Alia Legal Limited | archive
    Riot Media Limited | archive
    Microtat Communications Limited | archive
    Digital Residence Limited | archive
    United Business Communications Company PLC | archive

    02/14/2019: I added some additional info about his history, some Tweets from the woman who was arrested for misgendering him, and some updates on his current quest to sue the Daily Mail for libel. Thank you to @Otterly, @Mumbles, and @Xenu Warrior Princess for adding some of their findings.

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    #1 Gengar, Feb 10, 2019
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    Gengar Dream Eater
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  2. Another litigious cunt with a lot to hide. Well done!
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    Sofonda Cox

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  3. Nice OP, very tidy, gold star
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    Fareal Supercommander of the Brave New World
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  4. You know a thread's gonna be good when the title has both a male name and a female name listed
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    Beta Faggot

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  5. Do we start a stopwatch to see how long until he sends something that shows up in “Take That Off The God Damn Internet!” section?
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    neverendingmidi it just goes on and on and on and on...

  6. Thank you Gengar! This dude is bringing national attention to the UK thought police AND making troons look bad at the same time, amazing. Things are only gonna get crazier from here on out. I like to follow him on twitter because he can't seem to resist responding to negative tweets about him, it's hilarious. He must be like secret gamer girl and spend 90% of his waking hours on twitter.
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    sperginity croissant fresh
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  7. I was going to make fun of that male hairline, but then I realized that the fact that he isn't outright balding makes him better off than almost every other tranny we cover on here. :feels:
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    Video Games

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  8. This violent male criminal has needed a thread for some time.
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  9. Fine work @Gengar. Just a note that Halliday is misspelled in the title of the thread. Maybe a mod can help?
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    OttoWest 1988 Miss Black Awareness Pageant finalist

  10. You should fix the hyperlink for the daily mail article in regards to the mother being arrested. The link has "%20" before the link making it go nowhere. After fixing that, it leads to a google search result rather than the direct article. Link directly to the article and include an archive.
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  11. In case it wasn't posted elsewhere, this is the twitter account of Kate Scottow.
    She gives her side of things (which I tend to assume are more accurate than what Steven/Tony/Stephanie claims.)
    I would not be surprised if the emails and such are not being displayed because she still has to deal with the lawsuit from Hayden, but assume info will trickle out eventually.
    busted a.png busted b.png busted c.png busted3.png
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    #12 Xenu Warrior Princess, Feb 11, 2019
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    Xenu Warrior Princess

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  12. Steph is good mates with Dr. Adrian Harrop.

    Here’s a few tweet screenshots. The context of these is this. Steph has previous for assaulting someone with a golf club (that person later died by the way.) There’s a Catholic blogger called Caroline Farrow who has pissed off the TRA and who has repeatedly had her family and kids targeted by someone who has set up a website to harass her. Her husband is a catholic priest. This is her husband’s church. So they’re pointedly talking about knowing where her family works and implying they will be there ‘golfing.’ Steph is a nasty, nasty bit of work and I’m delighted he has his own thread on KF.

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  13. Just to keep a record of this
    hayden iran 1.png
    hayden iran 2.png

    The reveal of the phantom texter.

    hayden text 1.png
    hayden text 2.png

    hayden text 3.png

    Best buds.

    hayden best buds a.png
    hayden best buds 2.png bestbuds2.jpg bestbuds3.jpg
    No idea what's going on here...

    hayden best buds 1.png
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    #14 Xenu Warrior Princess, Feb 11, 2019
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  14. The autogynephile Stephanie Hayden looks like someone put a wig on a big toe, then injected it with down syndrome.
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  15. Thank you to those who have been posting screenshots of his other nonsense. I threw this OP together pretty quickly so there definitely may be some things I missed. I might tweak it a bit more over the next few days just to add more detail.
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  16. About time this specimen had a thread! Good job.

    They died as a result of the gulf club incident or something else?
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  17. The ‘roll on friday’ link Above states that it could not be directly attributed. Implying there was no obvious other cause of death (like being hit by a bus) but that a direct causal link couldn’t be established. Being twatted round the head with a nine iron probably isn’t good for your health though
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  18. Apparently, the international attention that he's garnered from having an innocent woman arrested for misgendering him isn't enough to satiate Anthony's obsession with ruining other's lives. One of Anthony's buddies, "Sprout," tweeted a screencap from a man's private Facebook profile, in which the individual criticized Halliday for being a general menace to society. Sprout also took it upon himself to post a screenshot of the man's LinkedIn, which shows that he is employed as a lecturer at a university.
    Unsurprisingly, Anthony and his exceptional crew of tranny defenders then proceeded to harass the university with complaints.
    The university posted this public statement a bit ago. It's probably safe to assume that the lecturer was fired.
    Anthony is clearly very, very upset about this.
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