Dramacow Anthony George Halliday / Steven Hayden / Stephanie Hayden / JudicialCat / FlyingLawyer73 / srh2018 - Middle-aged tranny "lawyer" who will call the cops on you if you misgender him.

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I wouldn't start from here.
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Oh dear, it looks like a schism has broken out in the Troon Defective Agency / Archive
Chirpy, Scouse, Drag Queen JoshPrior and bull dyke Hetty Spoon are dissing our shero for being a Tory Brexitier.
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I suspect it’s because Tony has a new, special friend in LAL, who has accused Joshy-boi of wanking himself off in ladies toilets.
I suspect Maureen Clarke has fallen out with Uncle Tony as well. She’s locked her account and is muttering summat about long spoons.

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People often forget that Vordrak was an avid Gamergator, as well as an associate of Milo and Grant Shapps. I don't know whether LAL is actually Vordrak, and is simply using the Troon personae to throw people of, but there is a relationship of some sort there.

Prior is a druggie narcissist, but he seems to be one of that cliques few orbiters that has actually been willing to ask questions.

Tony has probably been anticipating this, that's why when Prior criticised him, he was ready to sow confusion, It's not about his right wing leanings, he was simply trying to shield a 75 year old woman from Priors attacks.

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Notso jolly Halliday

I need to seek urgent injunctive relief
The hallucinogens have given Prior a sharp flash of insight.


“Hackneyed machinations,toy-town espionage and an imaginary ‘war’ in between overthinking their own importance” sums up Steven’s entire Birkbeck history.


This truth that Tony isn’t doing anything to improve the reputation of the Troon cause or life for Troons is so painful for our hero that he starts publishing bitchy “everyone is laughing at Joss and hates him” DMs.

For all of Joss’ many flaws he doesn’t actually claim to be any kind of Troon rights warrior making advances for the cause.He’s a self-confessed gobshite on Twitter and for all his notoriety. Tony is still lagging way behind Prior in terms of followers & social media engagement.

Steven’s legendary paranoia hasn’t abated either. He seems to think Prior is in league with @trigpoint

The narcissism means they cannot entertain the idea random strangers are laughing at them and Steven naturally thinks that everyone is up to the same online conspiracy lunatic antics as he is.

Steven obviously really hates this thread.


fucker of trannies
Even trannies, who believe that rapist paedos have a human right to rape women in prison, have spotted that Tony is not a real tranny.

The rapists do it because they want to do some more raping, or because they want to persuade themselves that the rapist is another person.
The married men do it because they get really really hard from jerking off in women's clothing.
The furry spergs do it because it helps them escape the fact that they are autists with no personal hygiene.
The Muslim homos do it because otherwise they'd get thrown off the nearest block of flats.
And Tony does it because he wanted an official troon loicence to make himself better than all the aforementioned, but ended up proving himself the saddest bastard of them all.

Edit: It's hilarious that LAL thinks that trannies are sex-pest perverts (which is probably a fair assessment, but not one you'd expect from an ally), and Tony doesn't mind a bit the deliberate misgendering and accusations of perversion, because Tony doesn't consider himself cognate. Note that Tony has said NOTHING in support of BLM or racism, yet has dozens of tweets about statues, and constantly harps about 'transphobia'. It's perfectly common for white men not to give a shit about racism. Millions of people like him, who bitch about Muslims and don't give two shits about anyone else. But the constant bleating about transphobia is what makes him an actual massive cunt, as if his fake identity is more important (which he can LARP out in the BA lounge on cash stolen from people who actually work for a living, and switch off any time he pleases), than other people's real and immutable one. I'm not a fan of identity politics, but if you are going to pursue it, at least try and pretend it's for a wider more noble cause than yourself and your lolsuits.
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I'm starting to like prior. Fuck.
TBF, dancing in loos is pretty funny and dumb as shit, at least it doesn't give other tranners a bad name like behaviours of Steph, Yaniv, McKinnon do.
Kate Scottow nails it, almost no troons have “passing privilege”. Archive. As women’s toilets have single use cubicles, there is probably little risk. If they want to use them, they should enter, so their business and fuck off out of there. And don’t piss around like Chirpy, Scouse, Drag Queen Joss Prior and do creepy dad dancing.
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