Dramacow Anthony George Halliday / Steven Hayden / Stephanie Hayden / JudicialCat / FlyingLawyer73 / srh2018 - Middle-aged tranny "lawyer" who will call the cops on you if you misgender him.

Mr Blobby

Non-Binary, Demi-blob, Cis blobs don't @ me
I don't think is Haddock, more likely to be a random rent boy, to service the laydee's needs


When did Tony’s case against the Mail on Sunday come before Coppel? Was it Coppel who heard the case? But Tony has nothing to do with the blog?
IIRC Tony sued the Mail on Sunday. Too lazy to look it up but I think it's a different entity to the Daily Mail. I would imagine that he's name dropping the Judge because High Court actions usually get assigned one at the start of a case and he's had sight of the papers, much like he had before the Farrow hearing so he could keep chanting unpleasantries about Court 37. Given that there's only 3 parties who could have fed him the papers and it wasn't Farrow or the high court, it's fair to assume that Big Iron is/was enabling that blog's harassment.
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I see Big Steph is spreading shit around Harry The Owl and Joni Walsh.

He’s obviously got a heightened testosterone level from his “victory” in court that he thinks he can take on anyone. If Walsh is a freelancer, she probably works through her own limited company and part of the terms and conditions of engagement is that the company has a certain level of insurance. So if Tone does instigate legals against her she’d probably claim on her insurance.

I’m surprised Farrow didn’t operate in this way.

Faggot Harrop looks shit scared in that video.

I do wish the press would use some more realistic pictures of Tone. The photoshopped ones he posts himself are borderline “passing”. Upclose and personal without filters and Mac make up, Tone is a truely horrific Troon.

Kit Kat

What in fresh hell? Where are the fucking police protecting this woman?

Caroline Farrow speaks the truth about transgenderism, something transgender activists like Stephanie Hayden can't handle, so in retaliation they hate and troll Caroline. The politically-correct authorities and courts won't do naff all about the abuse Caroline is receiving so not to appear transphobic. It's a sign of the times unfortunately.
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Tony accused Joani of ‘doorstepping’ him so she’s posted footage which actually appears to be a former associate (victim?) of Tony’s dodgy business dealings attempting to get Tony to answer a debt of £25,000 he claims he owes.

Tony looks and sounds like a stout school headmistress and the other guy (Harrop?) the prefect who has to carry her bags.

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Stephanie criticises Walsh's "minions" dress code yet turns up for court in filthy trainers. :lol:

I’m amazed this thread is so quiet tbh, Tony never ever stops delivering content.
Stephanie criticises Walsh's "minions" dress code yet turns up for court in filthy trainers. :lol:

This is the partner of the bloke who approached Hayden outside court yesterday..


Can someone update with latest @PhatBayo tweets? They're VERY interesting,. I'd do it but I'm new here and haven't learned how the archive thing works.


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